Farhad Khorasani

A California lawyer named Farhad Khorasani spread the message “Hitler was right” and “we need a new Hitler,” yet the bar association refuses to take any action.

An Iranian-American lawyer in California who has it out for the Jews and says the world needs a new Hitler to confront them was recently exposed to the world via the website

Attorney Farhad Khorasani uses his social media accounts to spread hate-inspired anti-Semitic incitement, including messages such as “the Jew anywhere is an existential threat to Ayrians, Muslims, and Iranians everywhere.”

“Hitler has proved that he knew these terrorist semites very well. Hitler was right, we need a new Hitler,” Khorasani posted.

Khorasani also trades in anti-Semitic 9/11 theories blaming Israel for the horrific terror attack on New York, a common conspiracy theory among Islamic extremists and neo-Nazis alike.

A law school classmate of Khorasani, Matthew Jordan Singer, saw the Hitler and 9/11 posts and filed a complaint with the State Bar of California, the official professional association for lawyers in the state.

Singer was shocked to learn that State Bar “found no actionable misconduct,” despite the clear anti-Semitic hate speech used by Khorasani. Facebook and Twitter also left his account online.

Since Khorasani’s Jew hatred was exposed, he has mounted an increasingly bizarre response, from claiming his social media accounts were hacked to proclaiming he’s “3% Ashkenazi Jew” and accusing his critics of being anti-Semitic.

While the California Bar refuses to take action, Khorasani’s alma mater Southwestern Law School condemned him.

People are free to criticize the State of Israel, its policies, and its leaders, but there is no excuse for the type of vile hatred and genocide-worship that Khorasani spreads.

Enough is enough! Tell the California Bar Association to take action in the face of this blatant anti-Semitism and tell Facebook and Twitter to keep this hate speech off its platforms.

1. Tell the California Bar to take action against Farhad Khorasani by writing to them at

2. Tell Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to ban Farhad Khorasani by writing to him directly at

3. Tell Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to ban Farhad Khorasani by writing to him directly at