The Daily Beast

Don’t let The Daily Beast turn a blind eye to a biased reporter and his contemptuous attitude towards Jewish readers.

The Daily Beast‘s entertainment reporter, Tirhakah Love, labeled the IDF as “genocidal” in a recent story.

When questioned by Jews, Love doubled down on Twitter, describing Zionism as “a faux ethno-religious liberation movement that is staunchly imperialistic as it’s an extension of british colonialism and an articulation of white supremacy.”

In another tweet, he disrespectfully said, “the Zionists should really stop emailing me cus girl I do not care.”

Although editors removed the word “genocidal” from the article and said they would review editorial standards for that word, Love remains unapologetic. His incendiary tweets are still online and Love’s editors have not addressed them.

Reporters like Love with extreme partisan views who let their biases creep into their reporting have no place in journalism. Nor can The Daily Beast turn a blind eye to its reporter’s contemptuous response to Jewish readers.

Tell The Daily Beast editors they have a responsibility to fire Tirhakah Love.

Send a message to editorial@thedailybeast.com