Twitter must ban former NFL player Larry Johnson for spreading lies about a “Jewish cabal” that carries out perverse crimes like “ritualistic child torture” and “human sacrifice/murder.”

Despite widespread calls demanding Twitter take action against anti-Semitic incitement, the social media giant lets hate-mongers spread the most vile conspiracies and grotesque lies.

This week, former NFL player Larry Johnson, who posts outright Jew hatred, tweeted about a secret “Jewish cabal” that carries out perverse crimes like “Ritualistic Child Torture” and “Human Sacrifice/Murder.”

As of Friday, this shameless Jew-hater continues to spew vulgar anti-Semitic rhetoric.

anti-Semitic Twitter

Ex-NFL player Larry Johnson (L) (AP Photo/File); his anti-Semitic Twitter activity. (screenshot)

While there were many responses condemning the anti-Semitic tweet, Twitter has yet to to demand its removal or block Johnson’s account.

“Here a high-profile former athlete tells his 146k followers via a verified account that ‘the Jewish cabal’ performs well at ‘ritualistic child torture.’ It’s clear @jack [Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey] has no policy to root out antisemitism on @Twitter, only to respond with token gestures when pressure builds,” tweeted Algemeiner editor-in-chief and CEO Dovid Efune.

Anti-Semitism is spiking, with violent assailants attacking Jews on a weekly basis.

The incitement MUST stop and Twitter MUST take action to stop anti-Semites like Larry Johnson from spreading lies that fuel hatred of Jews.

Tell Twitter to permanently ban Larry Johnson for anti-Semitic lies!

Send a message via one of the following methods. Use the following template or compose your own message: Dear Sir, I am writing to request that Twitter ban user Larry Johnson (@2LarryJohnson7) for spreading anti-Semitic lies accusing a “Jewish cabal” of “human trafficking,” “perversion,” and “human sacrifice/murder,” among other disgusting acts. One of the world’s most powerful social media channels should not be giving a voice to this type of incitement during a time when deadly attacks continue to threaten lives in Jewish communities around the globe.

1. Contact Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey directly on his Twitter feed by clicking here.

2. Send Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey an email at

3. Call Twitter: 415-222-9670.