Ben and Jerry's Twitter Storm Invite

Join the social media storm against Ben and Jerry’s anti-Israel boycott.

A group of pro-Israel influencers and groups organized a social media storm against BEN & JERRY’S boycott decision on Thursday, July 29th.

Let’s keep the storm going by publishing content with the hashtags: #ShameOnBenAndJerrys & #ShameOnMittal

Please tag the Unilever and B&J leadership in your tweets:
@alanjope @ConnyBraams @Mittaloak @Unilever @BenAndJerrys

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The main messages are:
A. Exposing the anti-Israel activity of the Ben & Jerry’s Board chairperson, Anuradha Mittal
B. Repeating the message that the BDS Movement’s goal is the destruction of Israel and not a tool for achieving peace (like some companies and the public are made to believe)

Now is the time stand United with Israel. Let’s show them what we’ve got!