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Thousands of YouTube videos incite violence against Jews and Israel. These videos violate YouTube’s terms of service yet remain online. Tell YouTube to play by its own rules. Sign the petition below!


YouTube is flooded with content that promotes anti-Semitism and incites terror against Jews and Israel.

These videos violate YouTube’s own terms of service, which prohibit “hateful or abusive content” that “promotes hatred or violence.”

Thanks to the incredible efforts of an organization called They Can’t, dedicated to fighting anti-Semitism online, tens of thousands of anti-Semitic and pro-terror videos have been removed from Youtube. However, many more remain online. In most cases, YouTube simply REFUSES to remove them.


Shouldn’t YouTube play by it’s own rules?

They Can’t is responsible for removing more than 40,000 anti-Semitic and pro-terror videos from the Internet.

Now, they need you to sign a very important petition that must be presented to Youtube. This petition is required in order to get thousands more pro-terror videos removed.

HELP US FIGHT TERROR ONLINE! Tell YouTube to play by its own rules.


We Need Your Help Protesting to YouTube

We urge you to sign this very important petition.

Click the button below or this link to protest to YouTube: http://www.theycant.com/#!petition/j9r37



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