Supporting Kanye West

“We’re sorry if another passenger’s attire was in poor taste,” Southwest Airlines’ Twitter account responded.


Two passengers on a Dec. 6 Southwest Airlines flight were spotted wearing Burger King crowns bearing antisemitic and racist phrases, including “Ye is right.”

Twitter user @ScienceStajner posted pictures of the two people sitting in front of her.

“Didn’t realize this behavior was permitted as part of the @Southwestair experience,” the tweet begins. “These 2 also had sentiments such as ‘6 million wasn’t enough’ & tons of swastikas plastered on their make shift [sic] ‘crowns.’”

“We’re sorry if another passenger’s attire was in poor taste,” Southwest Airlines’ Twitter account replied. “We do encourage you to reach out to a flight attendant on board if you feel the need. Allow me to advise that Southwest operates under a flag of many colors, and we appreciate your feedback.”

The crowns included the words “white power” and “Ye is right,” the latter in reference to the rapper formerly known as Kanye West.

Ye has been on a rampage of antisemitic statements and actions, including praise for Nazis and Holocaust denial.

I like Hitler,” Ye said in his recent interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. “I’m not trying to be shocking, I like Hitler.”

Southwest Airlines did not immediately return a request for comment from JNS.

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