Is there really a distinction between hating Jews and hating Israel? By Melanie Phillips, FrontPage Magazine Antisemitism is a rotten term for the “longest hatred” that targets the Jewish people. For a start, there is no such thing as “semitism” to be “anti.” The word “antisemitism” was invented by a 19th-century Jew-hater, Wilhelm Marr, who... Read more »

A draft plan reportedly gives equal weight to the IHRA, Nexus and Jerusalem Declaration definitions of antisemitism. By Mike Wagenheim, TPS The United Nations was supposed to convene a meeting with Jewish leaders and global antisemitism envoys next week in Cordoba, Spain to unveil its plan to combat antisemitism. It has postponed that meeting, amid... Read more »

Many mainstream media outlets use Jewish Voce For Peace as a legitimate source on the Israeli Palestinian Conflict. But the truth about the organization should have journalists running far away.