Loudspeakers blasted “Yidos Go Home” at Stamford Hill synagogue-goers.

By Benjamin Kerstein, The Algemeiner

A bus broadcast antisemitic invective from loudspeakers while driving through a heavily Jewish neighborhood of London on Saturday, a neighborhood watch group said.

The “Stamford Hill Shomrim” said it received reports that an “open bus” passing through the area in the early afternoon blared the slur, “Yidos Go Home.”

Shomrim, which shared a video of the incident, said it “appeared to be targeting Orthodox Jews leaving synagogue,” and asked any victims or witnesses to come forward with information.

The Metropolitan Police said its officers are “aware” of the Shomrim video “and are making enquiries,” the Jewish Chronicle reported. “There has been no arrest at this stage.”

The Ensign bus company said that it hired out the vehicle involved to “what we understood to be a church group.”

“We had absolutely no idea that this would happen or was planned and we are now investigating the matter and will be speaking to the client,” it said. “We are happy to assist the police with any investigation.”

The driver, who was employed by Ensign, “did not hear anything due to the general amount of noise from the number of people upstairs,” the company added.

The incident echoed another from May, when a convoy of cars bearing Palestinian flags drove down Finchley Road in London while broadcasting, “F*** the Jews, rape their daughters.” Four men were later arrested in connection with the event.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson last week described antisemitism as “a very real problem in society,” following a separate incident in Stamford Hill in which two Orthodox Jewish men were physically assaulted.

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