google map search Temple Mount

Temple Mount

The Temple Mount. (Mendy Hechtman/Flash90)

When entering the offensive phrase “Death to the Jews” in the search field of Google Maps, users are guided to Judaism’s holiest site.

Users of the popular Google Maps navigation program were dismayed to discover over the weekend that if a user enters the words “death to the Jews” into the program’s search engine, he is given directions to go to the Temple Mount complex in Jerusalem.

One receives similar results when entering the offensive phrase into the Waze navigation application.

Waze has subsequently removed the phrase from its search engine.

The misnomer in the program is probably the result of hundreds of users or more tagging the holy site with the anti-Semitic term.

Palestinians have used social media to promote their campaign of terrorism against Israelis, and especially during the current wave of terror attacks over the past weeks.

By: United with Israel Staff