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Palestinians are utilizing the internet to spread hatred, lies and violence against Jews.  

The recent wave of Palestinian terror has erupted as a result of malicious lies and incitement by the Palestinian Authority (PA), the Hamas terror organization and the Islamic movement, Israel says, and a quick glimpse at Palestinian social media reveals the extent and virulence of this lethal phenomenon.

On Facebook, one can find posts calling on social media users to join the violence against Israel.

“For al-Aqsa and the martyrs, you are invited to participate in a demonstration of anger at the Bridge of Tayibe [Arab village in Israel]” one message declared, according to Ynet’s translation. “Every young person who doesn’t go has no honor.”

“At 8pm at the entrance to Qalansuwa, [Arab village in Israel] come masked. This has deliberately been organized at a late hour so that they won’t be able to identify us. We will ask them to turn off the city lights so we won’t be identifiable, we will set the area on fire,” read another message on Facebook.

“All together at the big demonstration in Nazareth. Don’t forget that after that we will head towards the main road as they want to block it,” another message invited its readers to violence.

Other messages offered methods on how to enhance a terror attack for potential terrorists: “To the heroes of knives who intend to strike at the occupying soldiers: Anoint the knives with a poisonous substance – thus you will cause an infection in the victim and they won’t be able to stitch the wound. Spread this knowledge.”

Another commonly found Palestinian lie on social media is the falsehood that Israel is randomly executing Palestinians. Using photos of wounded Palestinian terrorists who were shot by Israeli security forces as the terrorist carried out the attacks, the posts allege that these terrorists were in fact innocent youth who were maliciously shot in cold blood.

In one such photo, a female Palestinian terrorist who is surrounded by Israeli police after being shot is depicted as being a victim.

In another photo, Fadi Alun, a Palestinian terrorist who stabbed an Israeli youth and was subsequently shot dead by Israeli police, is depicted as being the victim of Israeli violence and a cold-blooded execution.

Similarly, accounts of alleged Israeli desecration of the Al-Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount are circulated, adding further fuel to the flames of violence.

Also one can found inciting songs and poems songs which call for violence and Jihad, a Muslim holy war, against Israel and Israelis.

The phenomenon of Palestinians using social media for the spread of hatred is not new, and has significantly increased in the past weeks in tandem with the wave of Palestinian terror attacks against Israelis.

By: United with Israel Staff

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PA head Abbas and Hamas leader Haniyeh together.

PA head Abbas and Hamas leader Haniyeh together.

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