An anti-Semitic image spread by Arabs on Facebook. (Photo: PMW)

Israeli forces have been cracking down on terrorism, and this time they busted eight Arabs for inciting terror and planning murder.

Israeli policemen during an arrest. (Photo: Hadas Parush/Flash90)

Israeli policemen during an arrest. (Photo: Hadas Parush/Flash90)

Israeli security forces arrested on Thursday eight Arabs from Jerusalem on charges of incitement, hatred, anti-Semitism and plotting against the State of Israel.

The eight are charged with using social media as a platform to disseminate hatred and incitement. Jerusalem’s residents especially have been suffering from a wave of violence. As part of the fight against terror, police have launched a new campaign to curb the rabid incitement promoted by Hamas, Fatah and other terror elements in the capital.

Using mostly Facebook messages, illustrations and short clips, the inciters encourage violence, including vehicular terror against civilians. Some of the suspects posted a picture of themselves with M16 assault rifles and handguns, many of which garnered many messages of support on Facebook, a police spokesman said. Terror supporters have been using the arts, music and the media to promote any form of killing Jews.

Police confiscated computers, cellphones, incitement materials, media devices and an improvised grenade during the nighttime raids.

A Hamas image: "Jerusalem is thirsty for blood. (Photo: MFA)

A Hamas image: “Jerusalem is thirsty for blood.” (Photo: MFA)

This police operation is part of a broader process carried out by Israel’s security forces to quell the swelling violence in the city.

The most recent major attack was committed by two Arab residents of Jerusalem who took kitchen knives and a cleaver and butchered four rabbis and a Druze policeman in a Jerusalem synagogue.

Police have been working with reinforced and special units to prevent attacks and track down terrorists.

Police Major General Moshe Edry, who commanded this latest operation against terror, ordered his forces to act strongly against any incitement, stating that “the level of danger these offenses present is very high.”

A police spokesman vowed to “continue its professional, dedicated and uncompromising actions to bring peace and security to the residents of Jerusalem.”

By: United with Israel Staff

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