Accurate diagnosis; More sea turtles hatching; Where Zionism and medicine meet; and much more!

by: Michael Ordman


Medical clowns aid Ukrainian refugees

The huge numbers of Israeli volunteers aiding refugees from Ukraine in Moldova include the medical clowns of Dream Doctors (see here previously). Their costumes, big red noses and funny antics light up the faces of exhausted Ukrainian women, children, and elderly men.



Ukraine field hospital treats thousands

Israel’s “Shining Star” field hospital has been established by the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Health, and Sheba Medical Centre, assisted by Israel’s healthcare system. In its first week it treated 1,100+ adults and children, including a 10-year-old heart patient.

Second booster reduced deaths by 78%

Israeli HMO Clalit, Sapir College and Ben-Gurion University studied 563,465 Israelis aged 60-100 who were eligible for the fourth coronavirus vaccine. They reported a 78% decrease in COVID deaths. In a 40-day period. +++

Hope for advanced head & neck cancer patients

Researchers at Ben-Gurion University have developed an innovative treatment for Head & Neck Cancer (HNC) sufferers. It blocks the hyper-activation of a specific cell-signaling pathway that is found in over 40% of HNC patients.

Accurate diagnosis

Tel Aviv University researchers have discovered that after a minor head injury many children later displayed symptoms that were often misdiagnosed as ADHD. 200 children were monitored and 25% were found to suffer chronic persistent post-concussion syndrome, requiring much different treatment.

International research grants

Ben Gurion University’s Dr. Shai Pilosof has won a $100,000 grant from the International Human Frontier Science Program Organization (HFSP) for researching animals and environment. His colleague Dr Benjamin Palmer is investigating the diversity of color in the natural world.


Mentoring for women in hi-tech

Israel’s Melio (see here previously) recently launched MentorMe – its mentoring program for female developers that brings together highly-experienced women with those at the beginning of their careers, to learn and discuss the challenges they face. 50 women were selected to participate.

Women move up in the IDF

Good video showing the opportunities for women in the Israel Defense Forces.


Israel’s Arab sector is modernizing

Dr Nasreen Haddad Haj-Yahyais director of the Arab Society in Israel program at the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI). She highlights Arab students, graduates and PhD candidates at university compared to 2010. Other positives include the medical profession and Arab women in employment.

Arab women learn Hebrew

Israeli nonprofit Lissan (Arabic for “language” or “tongue”) promotes gender and social equality in Jerusalem. It oversees the “Women Speaking Hebrew” program where 40 volunteers teach Hebrew to some 400 Arab women, empowering them and giving them more independence.

Israeli woman to host UAE lifestyle TV program

The Khaleej Times, the United Arab Emirates’ longest-running English newspaper, has named Israeli broadcast host Michal Divon, as host and executive producer of its new digital show “Dubai This Week.” It promises unique access to the Emirates and celebrity interviews.

Singapore to open embassy in Israel

Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that it will upgrade its consulate in Israel to a full embassy, as part of a series of agreements reached between the two governments. The two countries are keen to conduct joint projects in Artificial Intelligence.

From war in Ukraine to studies at Israeli university

Tel Aviv University welcomes Maryana Sytar – the first Ukrainian graduate research student to arrive as part of TAU’s emergency scholarship program. Maryana was working towards her PhD at the Koretsky Institute of State and Law of Ukraine before the war broke out.

Israelis donate aid to Ukrainians

The Jewish Agency is leading Operation Out Turn, involving 110 local authorities and organizations from all over Israel. It includes an air train of 23,000 boxes (sone 230 tons) of humanitarian aid donated by the Israeli public for the victims of the war in Ukraine.


Helping refugees in their own language

Israel is sending a delegation of 15 Russian- and Ukrainian-speaking police officers to Poland to assist Ukrainian refugees who want to come to Israel (see here previously). Additionally, police will reserve rooms at Israel’s National Police Academy to host some 100 refugees.

“The Orange Ones”

The car being driven by volunteers from United Hatzalah broke down twice in Moldova.  Each time local citizens helped fix the problem but wouldn’t accept payment. The reason?  “We recognized your jackets – you are “The Orange Ones” who have come from Israel to help the Ukrainian refugees”.

Four Arab nations at Israeli summit

Israel hosted the “Negev Summit” comprising the Foreign Ministers of the UAE, Morocco, Bahrain and Egypt, plus the US Secretary of State and Israel’s Foreign Minister. They stated that the conference would be the first of a regular regional forum.


Intelligent Apple scholars

Two Israelis (out of 15 worldwide) have been selected as Apple Scholars in AI / Machine Learning for 2022. Moshe Shenfeld is studying privacy-preserving machine learning at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Also, Noam Razin of Tel Aviv University for fundamentals of machine learning

More sea turtles hatching

For the second year in row, Israel Nature and Parks Authority reports a sharp increase in the number of sea turtle nests along the Israeli coast. The 449 sites are nearly double that five years prior. The improvement is attributed to fishing bans, and more monitoring.

Using nature for nature

Israel’s Ayala Water & Ecology (see here previously) has 26 years of experience in the field of phytoremediation – the use of plants to extract and remove elemental pollutants from water. Ayala received an EU Horizon 2020 innovation award to adapt its technology for the EU market.

UBQ wins innovation award

Israel’s UBQ Materials has won an innovation award in the Speculative Design category at this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) event. Its recycled waste-derived thermoplastic can be used in the 3D printing industry, which currently relies on non-recycled oil-based thermoplastic.

Leading the waterways

On 13th Apr (at noon ET) Ben Gurion University is hosting a Zoom webinar entitled “How Israel is Leading the Way in Water Renewal” featuring BGU’s Professor Edo Bar-Zeev. He will share his latest research on desalination and the aquatic environment.

Weathering the storm

Israel’s PLANETech and KKL-JNF are launching the Climate Solutions Prize, aiming to identify technologies that tackle extreme weather events. Israeli companies can present their solutions to predict, prevent, manage & recover from wildfires, floods, storms, extreme heat, etc.

Technion tractors are transforming agriculture

On International Day of Forests (21st Mar) Israel’s Technion Institute reported on Israel’s Blue White Robotics (see here previously), founded by two graduates of the Technion. The latest article explains how its tractors use sensor technology to operate autonomously.

Filling up

Israel’s TankU uses AI and computer vision to monitor vehicles and enable refueling, charging, and washing. At Israel’s Sonol’s gas stations, a customer selects to pay through the app, is identified next to the pump or charge point, confirms the operation with a click and then begins refueling. Totally self-service.

Headset is out of this world

Israel’s Brain.Space will test its electroencephalogram (EEG) enabled helmet on astronauts (including Israel’s Eytan Stibbe) on the 3rd April SpaceX shuttle flight to the International Space Station (ISS). It will be the world’s first test of the effect of microgravity on the brain.

See the Internet as you want to see it

Israel’s Bright Data (see here previously) helps companies gather commercial information on the internet. Its product enables customers to see the internet how they choose. So a farmer can monitor customers, analyze weather conditions and view consumer sentiment about its products.


Opportunities in Bahrain

A team from Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), led by Executive Chairman Erel Margalit, completed a 4-day visit to Bahrain as guests of the Bahrain Economic Development Board. They met Bahrain’s top business leaders to promote a new economic chapter in Bahrain-Israel relations.

Flying cars for Australia

Israel’s AIR (see here previously) has just partnered with Australian electric aircraft distributor, FlyOnE, to supply 25 AIR ONE eVTOL vehicles, worth $150,000 each, in 2025. FlyOnE will serve as AIR’s local distribution, service, and maintenance partner.

Discounted housing

Israel’s Ministry of Housing and Construction and the Israel Land Authority are listing 30,000 dwellings at 20% discount to market value. The first 10,028 units will be sold by lottery in 31 cities including Acre, Dimona, Ofakim, Be’er Ya’akov, Eilat, Ashdod, Haifa, Jerusalem, and Rishon Lezion.

Global demand for V2X tech

Israel’s Autotalks (see here previously) has received three large orders for its V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) communications solutions. It will provide its V2X chipsets to three top auto manufacturers in Europe, Japan, and China. It doubles Autotalks orders pipeline to $200 million.

More funds for startups

Israel’s Glilot Capital Partners (see here previously) has raised $220 million for its fourth Seed fund. It is double the size of its previous fund and will invest in Israeli startups in the areas of cybersecurity, enterprise software and developer tools. Meanwhile, Israel’s Vertex VC has raised $400 million.

Cutting the cost of self-funded health care

Israel’s Marpai is a third-party administrator (TPA) for firms that manage a self-funded health insurance program. It acquired Continental Benefits, cutting its claim costs from $8 to $3 and now aims for $1. Marpai uses AI to predict and improve the health of a member firm’s employees.

Mentoring entrepreneurs

Israel’s Qumra Capital is launching a second cohort in its mentorship program to help guide new startup CEOs. During the six-month program, 10 participants will receive first-hand insight and tools to help them set and achieve growth goals and milestones.

Keeping Croatia safe

Israel’s SuperCom (see here previously) has just won another European contract, this time with Croatia. The Ministry of Justice and Administration of Croatia will deploy SuperCom’s PureSecurity Electronic Monitoring (EM) Suite to track offenders outside of the prison system.

100 “Israeli” electric trucks in London

Asher Bennett (brother to the Israeli PM), is founder of Tevva Electric Trucks (see here previously). “We’re trying to do something good for the world,” he told Calcalist’s “Mind the Tech London” conference. Tevva now operates 100 electric delivery trucks in and around London.

This week’s Unicorns

Cybersecurity (see here previously) has just become Israel’s latest financial Unicorn by raising $115 million at a valuation of $1.3 billion. Israel’s RapidAPI (see here) raised $150 million at a $1 billion valuation. Capitolis (see here) raised $110 million at a valuation of $1.6 billion.

Takeovers and mergers

Israel’s Perception Point (see here previously) has acquired Israel’s fellow cybersecurity Hysolate (see here previously). Intel is to acquire Israel’s Granulate (see here previously) for $650 million.

Investment in Israeli startups to 3/4/22:

RapidAPI raised $150 raised $115 million; Capitolis raised $110 millionBeewise raised $80 raised $65 million; Cyera raised $56 millionDatagen raised $50 millionChargeAfter raised $44 millionNucleai raised $33 millionPinecone raised $28 millionCyberpion raised $27 millionHome365 raised $26 millionLightlytics raised $26 millionD-ID raised $25 millionWing Security raised $20 millionHighcon raised $18.5 millionKooply raised $18 millionBeamUP raised $15 millionReigo raised $13 millionBrew ( raised $12 millionPlantish raised $12 millionTankU raised $8 millionREACH raised $7 millionSkyline Robotics raised $6.5 millionApono raised $5 millionRadd raised $700,000.


I will give you this land

Jacob Richman has added new song pages to his hot-sites. This one features several versions of Lecha Etain et HaAretz Hazot (I Will Give You This Land) featuring historical and interesting videos. My favorite is the 2022 Bnei Akiva version (see YouTube below).



Your guide to Tel Aviv

I was pleased to read this article prior to my easyJet flight to London to see family.

Upcoming pop concerts

There are at least 10 big name concerts to enjoy in Israel this year.  They include Justin Bieber (Oct 13), Jethro Tull (Apr 19-20), Air Supply (May 27-28), Deep Purple (May 22), Nick Cave (Aug 23) and Pixies (July 11).

Ukrainian refugee wins Jerusalem marathon

Valentyna Veretska, who fled Ukraine along with her daughter, won the women’s race in the 25th March Jerusalem Marathon. Celebrating her victory, Veretska held up the flags of both Israel and Ukraine.


Ancient amulet deciphered

An ancient amulet (see here previously) has been dated to 1,200 BCE and contains the oldest Hebrew script ever found. It contains a curse and the holy name of God. It was found on Mount Ebal, where the Children of Israel issued curses in the Bible (Deut. Ch.27/28 & Joshua ch.8 v 34)



The most moral army

Although recorded in 2015, Colonel Richard Kemp’s simple summary of how the IDF conducts itself is very timely and needs publicizing.



Cancer kids get their wish

A group of childhood cancer survivors, mostly from the U.S., arrived in Israel this month as part of Chai Lifeline’s “Wish at the Wall” program. The 10-day annual event was made possible by the Hartman Family Foundation.

Where Zionism and medicine meet

At the Medics Conference in New York, Nefesh b’Nefesh were matchmaking Israeli medical professionals with medics and their families who want to make Aliyah.  They get their diplomas authorized and have interviews for positions at Israeli medical centers.


Together again

Mykola, a disabled Jewish Ukrainian refugee was reunited with his daughter in Israel. It was a small miracle as volunteers from United Hatzalah in Moldovia found Mykola on the Fast of Esther and fast-tracked his airlift to Israel, where he was met by his daughter in time to celebrate the festival of Purim.

Ukrainian “survivor” rescued

97-year-old Jenya Bernstein escaped the Nazi invasion of Ukraine and joined the Red Army. Now the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews has helped her escape again from Ukraine to join her son and his family who made Aliyah just a week ago.

10,000 immigrants in one month

Sasha from Kharkiv, Ukraine, was the 10,000th new immigrant to Israel from the former Soviet Union (Ukraine, Russia and Belarus) in the last month. Dr Katia Kirplok was the 5,000th new immigrant from Ukraine.