Protection against ISIS drones; On the diamond map; The world’s largest collection of Esther scrolls; and much more!

by: Michael Ordman


Tons of equipment for Israeli Ukraine field hospital

Israel airlifted some 17 tons of equipment to build its $6.5 million “Kochav Meir” (Shining Star) Ukraine field hospital (see here previously), which is expected to treat around 100 patients per day. Also, Magen David Adom is sending 4 bullet-proof ambulances to Ukraine.

Dental NGO relieves pain for Ukrainian child

4-year-old Feiga arrived in Israel from Ukraine, unable to eat due to her poor dental condition. Just 24 hours after contacting Dental Volunteers for Israel, Feiga had root canal treatment to alleviate her pain, while pediatric dentists gently prepared her for further treatment.

New Covid treatment available

Ziv Medical Center in Tzfat (Safed) is currently offering AMOR-18 from Israel’s Amorphical (see here previously) to all moderate to serious COVID-19 patients. It is also undergoing clinical trials at four Israeli hospitals. All 18 patients in Ziv’s trials of AMOR-18 recovered quickly.

Diagnostic blood test advances

Israel’s OncoHost (see here previously) has opened a new laboratory in North Carolina for its PROphet blood test to identify which cancer treatments are likely to work. Israeli Nobel Prize winner Aaron Ciechanover is an OncoHost’s advisor. PROphet may also help autoimmune disease sufferers.

Remote monitoring pilot success

Israel’s Essence SmartCare has completed a successful pilot of its VitalOn remote patient monitoring system. Patients of Clalit Health Services and homecare provider Sharan Medical Center were monitored at home on transfer from hospital.  VitalOn even saved a patient suffering low oxygen.

A fierce medical company

Israel’s MeMed (see here previously) has been named as one of the “Fierce MedTech Fierce 15” most promising medical technology companies. The annual list is produced by the prestigious medical magazine and resource Fierce Biotech.

A breath test for any disease

Israel’s Breath of Health (BOH – see here previously) was featured on I24 News. Its trial at Israeli hospitals showed that it could replace the PCR test for COVID detection. Its blow test pattern analysis can be adapted to detect any pathogen – e.g., different cancers, Alzheimer’s, or diabetes etc.


Improving outcomes for cancer patients

The Israeli-developed Intelligent Care platform of US-based Canopy improves life-saving care provided to cancer patients. Canopy’s suite of intelligent, electronic health-record integrated tools helps cancer centers engage with their patients and streamline clinical processes.


Helping Israeli Druze with Hebrew

Israel’s Education Ministry is opening classes at 64 Israeli elementary schools to provide intensive Hebrew language instruction to Israel’s Druze community. It will improve the opportunities for the Druze to advance academically in Israel and acquire better jobs.

Druze woman connects Arabs and Jews

Janan Faraj Falah was the first Israeli Druze woman to receive a PhD and the first non-Jew to receive the Jerusalem Unity Prize for contributions to Israel. She founded the Akko Women Vision Association, to advance the status of women and connect Arabs and Jews

Breaking the sound barrier

The first Royal Air Maroc flight from Morocco to Israel landed in Tel Aviv last week. Its pilot Karim Taiser is also the founder of the Moroccan Symphonyat Orchestra and was in the Jewish state a week earlier for a unique performance in Timna with Jerusalem’s East & West Orchestra.

UAE visit to National Library

The UAE’s National Archives directors made their first visit to the National Library of Israel, where they were shown rare artifacts recording the life of Persian Gulf inhabitants in the early-20th century.

Academic co-operation with UAE

The University of Haifa signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the UAE’s National Library and Archives. It focuses on the exchange of researchers, experts and collections; archival research; access to library resources; and joint events and conferences.

Protection against ISIS drones

Mozambique has reported that it used its MC-Horizon D360BP V3 tactical system, built by Israel’s MCTECH RF (see here previously), to intercept and neutralize three ISIS drone squads in the north of the country. The systems were supplied to Mozambique at the end of 2021.

Rescuing Arabs in Ukraine

At the start of the conflict, Israel tweeted a warning in Arabic to warn all Israelis to leave Ukraine. Israel was praised for rescuing hundreds of its Arab citizens, including many Israeli Bedouin Moslems. Israel also rescued a Gazan, an Iranian, a Syrian and several Moroccans.

Haredim aid Ukrainians

12 haredi members of Israel’s ZAKA rescue organization have been working in Lviv, providing food to all who need it and evacuating Jews to Israel. At their Israel IT building, refugees can sleep, shower, and take their kids to playrooms.

El Al passengers bring aid for Ukrainians

El Al passengers flying from Tel Aviv to Bucharest acted as couriers, taking boxes containing items from medicine to baby food and diapers for delivery to Ukrainian refugees arriving in Romania. The flight also carried two doctors and two Russian-speaking nurses.

IDF help for Ukrainian arrivals

(WIN) Russian- and Ukrainian-speaking IDF soldiers will assist new immigrants and refugees from Ukraine and Russia in the absorption process when arriving at Ben Gurion Airport. Some 8,000 refugees have arrived in Israel in the past two weeks, and thousands more are expected.

Benefits for Ukrainian refugees

Israel will provide medical services to the thousands of Ukrainian refugees in Israel (and expected) but ineligible for immigration. They will also receive temporary housing, food assistance, social services, health insurance, enrollment in the education system, and more.

More scholarships for Ukrainian refugees

Following the initiatives of Tel Aviv University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (see here previously), now Haifa University has launched a fund for 100 Ukrainians to receive scholarships, accommodation, and access to counseling.


Connecting Israel to Saudi Arabia

A high-speed data cable is being laid under the Red Sea that will connect (for the first time) Israel to Saudi Arabia. Part of the France to India link, it promises to improve the speed and lower the cost of transmitting data between Europe and Asia and improve relations between former enemies.

Israel’s cyber women

Israeli security researcher and industry analyst Keren Elazari founded Leading Cyber Ladies, a global movement of top women in cyber tech. Starting with 30 Israelis, it now numbers around 3,000 globally of which 1,000 are Israelis. Its goal is to increase the numbers and impact of women in cybersecurity.

Science kindergartens in Northern Israel

Lockheed Martin has launched three more MadaKids science kindergartens, this time in the Israeli northern city of Beit She’an. It brings to seven the number of science-based kindergartens opened in Israel by the global aerospace giant (see here for previous).

Powering an IoT revolution

Israel’s Ayecka (see here previously) has developed an Internet of Things (IoT) communications platform, embedded in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites and ground terminals. Its algorithms can help control autonomous vehicles, irrigate crops, transfer movie files, and much more – all from space.

Award-winning fraud prevention

Israel’s AU10TIX (see here previously) has won a silver Globee award for Company of the Year in Artificial Intelligence in Security in the 2022 Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards.  In Jan-Aug 2021, AU10TIX’s INSTINCT prevented over $700 million in fraud-related losses.

On the diamond map

Three examples of Israeli tech startups that have put Israel back on the diamond map. Lusix (see here previously) creates diamonds in the lab. Mazalit’s website evaluates the price of diamonds and makes it easy for merchants to receive financing. Sarine uses 3D scanning to design diamond cuts.

Storing data in space

Israel’s Ramon.Space (see here previously) has developed NuStream – radiation-hardened, high-density solid-state storage that can store the immense amount of data required for multi-year space missions. Ramon.Space’s technology has been deployed in 50+ space missions across the Solar System.

Flexible workspaces

Forget going to the office or working from home. Israel’s anywell’s “Workspace-as-a-Service” platform allows companies to have their employees working from spaces in their local communities. anywell has partnered with 200+ cafes, workspaces, hotels, gyms etc., in New York, New Jersey, and Israel.

Israeli saffron bears fruit

Israel’s Saffron Tech (part of Israel’s Seedo now Sativus Tech) is partnering Israel’s Naveh to produce supplements and cosmetics from saffron. Saffron Tech (see here previously) is using cutting-edge indoor vertical farm technology to grow the rare expensive spice flower (crocus sativus).

Global water-saving partnership

PepsiCo has partnered Israeli low-cost irrigation tech company N-Drip (see here previously) to help farmers worldwide adopt water efficiency technology.  N-Drip is currently being used in farms in 17 countries around the world, including several in the crops of PepsiCo suppliers.


Most innovative 2022

US magazine Fast Company’s “most innovative companies” in 2022 include 11 Israelis (see here for previous years). They included Liveperson (see here), at 21st in the overall top 50 and an AI top spot. Israeli digital banking platform Lili (see here) was 41st overall and first in the personal finance category.

Most promising fintech startups

Israel’s leading VC’s and financial institutions were asked to rank Israel’s Most Promising Fintech Startups – sponsored by Citi and Israel Discount Bank. The 8 categories were headed by Balance, Access Fintech, 8Fig, Parametrix Insurance, Graulate, Noname Security, ZenGo and Sedric.

Israel Emerging

Good article from Shoshana Bryen on Israel’s increasing impact diplomatically and economically. It cites negotiating between Russia and Ukraine, relations with Turkey, joint military exercises, and the EastMed pipeline.

Fruitful visit by Canadian trade minister

Mary Ng, Canada’s Minister of International Trade, completed a 3-day visit to Israel. She had productive meetings with Israel’s Economy & Industry Minister and its Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology. Discussions centered on building up trade and technology relations.

First Royal Air Maroc flight does the business

Royal Air Maroc (RAM) is now operating four direct flights a week between Casablanca and Tel Aviv. The inaugural flight carried a Moroccan business delegation which was very positive about developing economic ties between the two countries (see Youtube video).

Direct flights to Sharm el Sheikh

Warming ties between Israel and Egypt have led to the expansion of air travel between the two countries.  A new route from Tel Aviv to southern Sinai resort of Sharm el Sheikh will commence in April. It follows the recent meeting between the Israeli Prime Minister and Egyptian President.

More trade with New Jersey

Trade between New Jersey and Israel has soared during the pandemic. Exports to Israel increased by 41% to $461 million. Imports rose to 1.9 million. New Jersey exports to Israel consumer products, medical supplies, and natural products. Imports include energy supplies and minerals.

A maritime tech accelerator

Ashdod Port Company has partnered with global venture capital firm 500 Global to launch a new accelerator program dedicated to maritime tech. Local startups include DockTech (see here previously), Naval Dome (cybersecurity at sea) and Eco Wave Power (see here previously).

AI voice recognition for drive-thrus

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants has selected Presto’s automated voice ordering for all its corporate-owned drive-thru restaurants. Developed using the conversational AI technology from Israel’s Hi Auto (see here) it aims to be deployed at all Checkers & Rally’s US restaurants in 2022.


Israel’s most valuable Unicorn

Israeli fintech company Rapyd (see here previously) has reached a valuation of $15 billion, making it Israel’s highest value private company. Rapyd employs 600 people globally, including 330 in Israel.

Takeovers and mergers

Israeli-founded SentinelOne is to acquire US-based Attivo Networks for $616.5 million. Israel’s Overwolf has acquired UK’s Tebex for $29 million.

Investment in Israeli startups to 20/3/22:

Run:AI raised $75 millionSupPlant raised $27 million;  Bright Security (NeuraLegion) raised $20 million; raised $15 millionCanopy raised $13 millionanywell raised $10 millionAffogata raised $4 million;


Israel is the 9th happiest country

Israelis have again displayed a high sense of well-being. Israel rose to ninth, in the annual UN-sponsored World Happiness index, its highest-ever placing. It was 12th in 2021 and 14th in 2020. The index also takes account of GDP, social support, personal freedom, and corruption levels.

The world’s largest collection of Esther scrolls

As the nation marks the Jewish festival of Purim, Israel’s National Library provided a rare glimpse of its huge collection of Megallot Esther – the scroll of Esther.

Animal Equilibrium

Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo held a photo exhibition of the works of recent Israeli immigrant Gavriel Rosenfeld entitled “Animal Equilibrium”. At age four, Gavriel was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) and is confined to a wheelchair. It has not restricted his achievements.


Siloam inscription to return

One of the results of the warming of diplomatic ties between Turkey and Israel is that Turkey has agreed to return the Siloam inscription. It was written on the wall of Hezekiah’s tunnel, dug some 2,700 years ago to protect Jerusalem’s water source. The Ottomans took the inscription to Turkey.

How Israel is leading the future of energy sourcing

The full 23-minute TBN Israel episode. It connects Biblical prophecies to Israel’s future in solar, oil, and gas energies.


Jerusalem – the week before Purim

Before the Purim festivities, Sharon captured photos of the visits of Mike and Karen Pence, the Jerusalem Gateway project, new art displays in the Mamilla Mall, the new Paris Fountain at French Square, lightning, “Tourists Welcome”, “Love” and “Sports Expo” signs, and beautiful flowers.

Whacky Purim costumes

As Covid restrictions are lifted in Israel, costumed festivities were set to commence in full force throughout the country. Those making special, original, and unique custom outfits from scratch, began the process months in advance.

Christians help rescue Jews from Ukraine

Israel’s friends are also helping to bring Ukrainian Jews to Israel.

The megillah of hope

Watch the Jews of Dnirpo Ukraine broadcast their Purim reading of the Scroll of Esther. Then see volunteers from Israeli NGO Makom, read a special megillah on their flight to the Ukraine border to set up an aid center for refugees. Finally, Ukrainian refugees in Jerusalem celebrated their first Purim in Israel.

Rescued from Ukraine

More heartwarming stories. Israel rescued the Ukrainian father of an IDF lone soldier who fell in battle 20 years ago. And the Israeli granddaughter of a Holocaust survivor enabled the rescue from Ukraine of two granddaughters of the non-Jewish woman who saved her grandmother during the Holocaust.