Helping recovery of little leaguer; Innovating with New Zealand; We are the Blessed generation; and much more!

by: Michael Ordman


A better way to kill cancer

Researchers at Tel Aviv University and the University of Lisbon have improved the current method of disabling cancer’s defenses. Instead of an expensive antibody infusion that only partially works, they developed a tiny molecule for a totally effective treatment that can be administered orally at home.




Pinpointing harmful gene mutations

Researchers at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Medical Organization have developed an AI algorithm to identify, with 96% accuracy, all possible harmful mutations of the TP53 cancer-causing gene. The breakthrough can improve genetic screening and customized treatment for cancer patients.

Nano-diamond delivery

Researchers from Israel’s Bar-Ilan University have produced tiny diamonds that can deliver medicinal and cosmetic treatments to cells, through layers of human skin. They are also effective antioxidants. The nano-diamonds are produced by detonating explosives inside a closed chamber. –

Using Avocado pits to treat sun-damaged skin

Israel’s AvoMed has patented an ecofriendly process to extract PFA (polyhydroxylated fatty alcohol) from normally trashed avocado pits. PFA is a bioactive compound that AvoMed use to developed skin-care products to treat sun damage and inflammation.

Fixing aneurysms without open heart surgery

Cardiologists at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center are the first in Israel to fix life-threatening heart aneurysms by minimal catheterization. Four patients underwent the 2.5-hour procedure in which an implant is threaded via the arm or leg to the heart.

Algorithm predicts risk of stroke

Two students at Israel’s Technion Institute have written a machine learning algorithm that predicts the development of atrial fibrillation (AFib) – a condition that causes strokes. Using one million ECG recordings from more than 400,000 patients, their algorithm was 95% accurate.

Spinal surgery via the waist

Rambam Health Care Campus is the first Israeli hospital to fix back problems via “anterior-to-psoas” keyhole surgery using a minimally invasive incision in the waist. It takes advantage of an “anatomical corridor” running from the waist to the back, where surgeons then perform spinal fusion.

Musical tests to detect mental deterioration

Tel Aviv University researchers have developed musical tests that measure brain activity in old age. 50 patients from Dorot-Netanya Geriatric Medical Center performed melodies on different musical instruments while electrical brain activity was recorded.

Israeli biotechs in Southern California

SCICC with American Israeli Medical Association and Elite Entrepreneur Organization host the “Merage Medical-Biotech Innovations” featuring 20 Israeli biotechs. Sep 14 @ 7.30pm in San Fernando Valley. RSVP: or

Helping recovery of little leaguer

Many articles describe how 12-year-old Little League World Series baseball player Easton Oliverson emerged from a coma after a serious fall. His recovery was aided by Israeli neurosurgeon Dr Oded Goren who currently practices at Geisinger Medical Center in Pennsylvania.

“No chance” Ukrainian teen recovers in Israel

Anna Kosma arrived at Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center in a deep coma suffering from a rare infection, and little chance of survival.  Doctors put her in “cerebral anesthesia” state to avoid brain damage from the medication, and after 3 months she has been released to rehab.


First woman air defense commander

The Israeli Air Force has appointed Lt. Col. Revital Barzani to head its 66th Ram Battalion, which operates David’s Sling system against medium-to-long-range rockets and missiles. Barzani, a mother of three, is the first female officer to command a battalion in the IDF’s air defense array.

Shelter for Tel Aviv homeless

Tel Aviv’s Municipality, with help from the charity La’sova, has inaugurated a NIS 36 million shelter for 144 homeless male residents. From 3pm to 9am it will provide a place to sleep, shower, eat, receive counseling, medical referrals and more. La’sova has 13 temporary shelters in the city.

More Jewish students learn Arabic

A new education program has been launched in 30 Jerusalem schools where Jewish students will be taught Arabic. The program seeks to reduce language and social barriers between Jerusalem Arabs and the Hebrew-speaking Jewish population of Israel’s capital.

Water for PA farmers

Israel’s Civil Administration has approved plans to build a 30km pipeline for carrying some 3 million cubic meters of treated wastewater from Ramallah to Palestinian Arab farmers in the Jericho valley. The rare cooperation between the PA and Israel will halt pollution of the Nahal Prat Nature Reserve.

More Israeli aid for Kentucky

Israel’s Consul General for the Southeastern United States, via Chabad Kentucky, joined in relief efforts for Kentucky flood victims, providing clothing, shoes, and household goods. Last year Israeli NGOs helped victims of Kentucky’s deadly tornados (see here previously).

Fixing children’s faces in Ethiopia

Israeli oral and maxillofacial surgeons Oded Nahlieli and Michael Abba fix children’s deformities in Equatorial Guinea, including a boy who had been unable to eat solid food for 4 years. They also trained local doctors to use Israel’s ORVizio remote surgical guidance system.


Putting the AI in Retail

Great article featuring Israeli tech startups developing tech solutions to aid retailers join the digital revolution. Includes five startups previously included in this newsletter OneBeatDrillTraxNexite, and StorEE.

Israel fuels Spacemilk

The US vegan health & sports nutrition company Spacemilk has partnered with Israel’s NextFerm Technologies to use the Israeli startup’s ProteVin yeast fermentation-based, non-GMO protein alternative in its new nutrition drink. The product is scheduled to be launched by end 2022.

How wild wheat protects itself from insects

Scientists at Israel’s Ben Gurion University have isolated the gene in wild wheat that produces a poison to repel insects. Modern cultivated wheat has lost this trait, which Israeli scientists believe they can reintroduce to improve protection for the world’s vital wheat resources.

Detecting disease in potatoes

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Israel’s Agricultural Research Organization (Volcani Institute) have developed a biosensor for early detection of disease in potato crops. It emits a luminescence when exposed to an infected potato. The more disease, the more the luminescence. 22/08/25/israels-hebrew-university-volcani-institute-team-up-to-prevent-looming-global-food-crisis/

Israeli tech in farm machinery

John Deere is one of the world’s largest agricultural and forestry machinery manufacturers. It is integrating the agricultural technology system from Israel’s CropX, enabling users to view data and analytics including soil sensor monitoring, from within John Deere’s Operations Center.

Partnering to make oxygen on the Moon

Israel’s Helios )see here previously) has joined with Florida’s Eta Space to create and store oxygen on the Moon. Helios’ electrochemical reactor will extract the oxygen from moon rocks and Eta Space’s cryogenic technology will liquify it and store it.

Using green hydrogen to heat homes

Israel’s TurboGen has developed a micro-turbine gas boiler that is powered using 50% hydrogen and 50% natural gas (methane). The TG-40 microgenerator produces 50% of the CO2 produced by a conventional gas boiler. TurboGen is working to develop a 100% hydrogen micro-turbine.

Teen tech entrepreneurs

Great video featuring some of the Israeli teens who presented their inventions at the Unistream’s Young Entrepreneur competition (see here previously).

The Innovation Nation Tour

The Pacific Southwest Israel Business Council has organized the first business mission to Israel of the Southern California Israel Chamber of Commerce. It has the full approval of the Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles. Meet the key players, institutions and companies shaping the Innovation Nation.


Now we’re cooking!

Israel’s natural gas production surged 22% in the first half of the year, as the government implemented its plans to export gas via Egypt to Europe. 10.85 billion cubic meters was extracted in the last 12 months from the Tamar and Leviathan fields, of which 42% was exported.

Innovating with New Zealand

Kiwi expat supporters of Israel are invited on 5th Sept to meet in Jaffa, to network and strengthen Israel’s relationship with New Zealand (email for info). The link to the New Zealand Israel Innovation Hub, has info about forging new partnerships between Israel & New Zealand.

NIS 300 million for medical startups

Israel’s Peregrine Ventures has established a consortium of leading companies that will jointly develop and invest over NIS 300 million in startups and graduates of Peregrine’s technology incubator. They include Bristol-Myers Squibb, Elbit, and Tel Aviv & Ben Gurion Universities.

Renewable energy for 7 Arab countries

Israeli energy companies Enlight Renewable Energy and NewMed Energy are to launch renewable energy projects in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, the UAE, Bahrain, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. The projects focus on solar and wind power production, and energy storage.

Vodafone pilot for green ammonia

Telecom giant Vodafone has deployed zero-emission fuel cell technology from Israel’s GenCell (see here previously) in Romania as part of a pilot project aimed at powering remote cell towers. The GenCell FOX alkaline fuel cell’s only byproducts are water, nitrogen, and heat.

Keeping your eyes on the road

Israel’s Cipia (formerly EyeSight Technologies – see here previously) has added SAIC Motors and Chery to the three other motor manufacturers using its Driver Sense driver monitoring system. Driver Sense will be used in a Chery SUV to be produced in late 2023.


Israeli tahini takes US by storm

In 2011, Israel’s Jackie Zitelman and her two American sisters have turned Israeli tahini into a hugely successful product, available in 900+ US stores. Soom tahini is produced in Northern Israel, in a factory owned by an Israeli Muslim.

AliExpress sets up in Israel

Chinese online retail giant AliExpress has established warehouses in Israel in Airport City near Ben-Gurion International Airport. Customers can order items online and if they are already in Israel’s warehouses, it will shorten delivery wait times and lower costs.

Clean air for USA classrooms

Israel’s Aura Smart Air (see here previously) is installing its air-purifiers in thousands of American schools, universities, and school buses. They include in New York, Maryland, and California. The devices capture and kill 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, germs, and allergens.

Investment in Israeli startups to 4/9/22:

Theranica raised $45 millionFairmatic raised $42 millionAccessibe raised $30 millionLanda (real estate) raised $25 millionRookout raised $16 millionOVO Automotive raised $3.5 millionMermade Seafoods raised $3.3 millionDeliverider raised $2 million;


No summer ending in Jerusalem

31 Aug is the official end of summer and start of Israel’s new school year, but there is still much to see on Jerusalem Streets. Sultan’s Pool concerts, Israel Comedy Festival, Theater music, VR shows, Cocktail Festival, Wine Festival, BAFTA award event, and Sefer Torah procession.

Maccabi Haifa qualify for soccer’s Champions League

Maccabi Haifa FC has reached the UEFA Champions League group stage for the first time since 2009. In their final qualifying match they defeated Red Star Belgrade 6-5 on aggregate. The win also earns the Israeli team at least Euro 26 million.

Another gold for Israeli gymnast

Israeli gymnast Artem Dolgopyat struck gold at the European Artistic Gymnastics Championship in Munich, despite having an injured foot. It was Artem’s third gold medal in international competition. He previously won gold at the Tokyo Olympics.

Scholarships for athletes

Tel Aviv University has launched a new annual scholarship for student-athletes. The International Sports Scholarship Fund will provide full degree support for talented athletes of all nationalities between the ages of 17-30, to study in any of TAU International’s nearly two dozen English-taught programs.


Ancient Israelite settlement discovered

(Source: TPS; TY WIN) Archeologists have discovered an ancient settlement at Tel Tibnah in Samaria, dating back to the time when the Israelites entered the Land of Israel, over 3000 years ago. It is identified with Timnat Serach where Joshua bin Nun lived and was buried.

Turning Hell into Heaven

The City of David organization has revitalized the Valley of Hennom, on the outskirts of Jerusalem into a brand-new park. The valley is mentioned in in the Book of Joshua and is said to be the origin for the concept of hell.  Israelis transformed it, just as they did to the once desolate Land of Israel.

Athletes for Israel

Since its launch in 2018, Athletes for Israel has brought high-profile athletes and sports teams to the country to compete in athletic events and get to know the Jewish state. After their trips many of the athletes help publicize the story of Israel’s people, history, food, technology, and culture.

180 young Olim

180 new immigrants ages 22 to 35 arrived in Israel last month from 30 different countries. They include doctors, engineers, lawyers, architects, journalists, athletes, artists, teachers, and IT professionals who will study Hebrew intensively for 5 months at Ulpan Etzion, the Jewish Agency’s flagship program.

A Muslim “Tzadik”

On Aug 17, Noor Dahri wrote to his 10,000+ Facebook followers, “An exciting time has come for me to visit Israel for 10 days, the land of dreams, love, peace, and coexistence. The holy land of divine faiths, Abrahamic Prophets, and the land of Blessings. Insha’Allah.” Read about him and his trip.

The fast road to Jerusalem

A new entrance to Jerusalem, Route 16, has been opened and is expected to significantly ease traffic, providing speedy travel between Route 1 and the city’s southern neighborhoods. It has 4 tunnels, 7 bridges, 50,000 acres featuring bike paths, walks, picnic areas and views over the Jerusalem hills.

We need to be the best

On the first day of the Israeli school year, President Herzog writes a letter of encouragement to all Israeli children.

We are the Blessed generation

Avi Abelow states that it is important to once in a while take a step back from daily life, the headlines and the worries, and see the big picture of life, which is so very good. Great message.

125 years since first Zionist Congress

Some 1,400 people attended an event at the Stadtcasino concert hall in Basel, Switzerland, where Theodor Herzl led the First Zionist Congress on Aug 29, 1897. Israel’s President Herzog began his address with the blessing for being in a place where a miracle happened.