Good News Israel Archive from the week of March 27, 2016: Israeli startup SoniVie has a novel system for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension, a progressive and fatal illness with no current cure; Israel’s SoftWheel aims to eliminate flat tires forever with its innovative automatic suspension system, and much more.

By: Michael Ordman



Treatment for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Israeli startup SoniVie has a novel system for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension, a progressive and fatal illness with no current cure. SoniVie has just successfully completed the first two procedures for its First In Human (FIH) multi-center clinical trial.

US approval for airway ventilation system

Israel’s Hospitech Respiration has received US FDA clearance for its AnapnoGuard 100 intubation system. AnapnoGuard is already CE2 cleared. More than 100 million patients annually require manual ventilation – the largest reason for admission into intensive care.

Diagnosing Dry Eye syndrome

Israel’s BioLight Life Sciences has completed a successful U.S. clinical study designed to assess the effectiveness of its TeaRx multi-assay test in evaluating tears’ components of patients suffering from dry eye syndrome (DES) as well as those of healthy subjects.

Diagnosing thyroid cancer

Israel’s Rosetta Genomics has announced that its RosettaGX Reveal diagnostic test for thyroid cancer is now approved for use in all 50 US states.

The potential to save millions of lives

Israel’s MobileODT demonstrated its life-saving smartphone technology to detect cervical cancer at the Innovation Showcase at this year’s AIPAC Conference. Launched only last May it has been used 6000 times in 20 countries.

How to cope with stress

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have developed tests to highlight the different rates people recover from stress. The study can help individuals to train themselves to relax. It also may lead to a blood test that can diagnose undue stress and help with the recovery process.

Preventing hospital readmissions

A study by Israel’s EarlySense has shown that the unresolved respiratory problems of heart patients was the most significant cause of their readmission to hospital. EarlySense’s “under the mattress” device monitors a patient’s breathing amongst many other factors.

New life for Gaza boy

13 year-old Mohammed Abu Jazer from Gaza got a new lease on life when surgeons from Israel’s voluntary humanitarian organization Save a Child’s Heart in Holon implanted an Israeli pulmonary valve. The Medronic Melody device will improve blood flow and help him avoid future surgeries.,7340,L-4768036,00.html

One in four medical innovations has Israeli roots

Ruti Alon, co-chairman of this year’s IATI-Biomed Conference, highlighted that Israeli research is present in between 25% and 28% of the world’s successful biotech-based solutions. E.g. Exelon for Alzheimer’s, Doxil for cancer and Copaxone for Multiple Sclerosis.



Everyone has the right to trek

Israel’s Paratrek organizes hiking trips and outdoor adventures for the physically challenged and impaired using chairs with oversize wheels, mountain bike tires and a harness that allows them to be pulled like a rickshaw. Paratrek’s slogan is “Where there’s a wheel, there’s a way!”

Developing for the disabled

Jerusalem’s Alyn Hospital, Israel’s biggest rehabilitation center for physically challenged youngsters, aims to become the world’s first full-time “maker lab” to develop projects to help the disabled. Alyn just held its first-ever Makeathon, for developers of technology with global social benefits.

It’s ability, not ethnicity

Israel Technion’s Professor Hossam Haick, whose breakthrough work in nanotechnology has garnered global accolades, says his success as an Arab citizen of Israel proves that education knows no boundaries and is key to improving his community’s lot. Prof Haick was included in Good Magazine’s 2016 “Good 100” and also awarded the Humboldt Research Award in Germany.

Simply Sing

“Simply Sing” is a Jerusalem-based cross-cultural project that has Jews and Arabs meet every few weeks for an evening of musical performances and singing. 250 attended the latest event at Jerusalem’s Museum of Islamic Art which featured three Jewish and three Arab Israeli musicians.,7340,L-4766007,00.html

Muslims that support Israel

This blog by Steve of IsraelSeen, featuring nine important Muslim intellectuals, needs to be seen.

Six African countries ask Israel for help

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced that he has been entrusted by Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan to form an alliance with Israel to rid their countries of the jihadist Islamic State, Al Qaeda and their affiliates.

Bulgaria, one of Israel’s best friends in the EU

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said that it was a pleasure to welcome “my good friend” Boiko Borissov, Prime Minister of Bulgaria, when he visited Jerusalem. They discussed cooperation in the energy sector. Bulgaria often votes for Israel in the UN.

Canadian Aborigines leadership mission to Israel

For the third time in five years, Grand Chief Ron Evans of the Norway House Cree Nation in Northern Manitoba is taking a youth group on a leadership development tour of Israel. Ron believes Israeli entrepreneurship can motivate his community’s youth to achieve more.

Israel’s mobile industry has extra benefits

10% of the 2,000 companies presenting at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona were either based, or do the majority of their R&D work, in Israel. This has led to the event being an opportunity for Israelis to show the positive side of Israel that few abroad are aware of.

See what Israel has done for the World

If you are travelling through Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport be sure to view the exhibit, between customs and the departure hall, of 60 posters showcasing Israeli developments and discoveries that have influenced the world.,7340,L-4775952,00.html

Israel is only one call away

The ultimate video shows that Israel is more than just another country.



Israeli space odyssey

This video highlights Israeli technology presented at the 66th international astronomical congress in Jerusalem. Tech that will help NASA fly to Mars and Europe to study Venus. New Israeli satellites will provide Internet access to remote areas of Africa and help research into alleviating global drought.

Israel & MIT celebrate 8 years of growth

Formally incepted in 2007, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Israel Program recruits, selects, and places qualified MIT students in internships across Israel.

A baby stroller for wheelchair users

Dana Yichye-Shwachman, a designer with Israel’s Jonathan Bar-Or Industrial Design has developed Easy Stroll – an aluminum attachment to a wheelchair’s footboard that latches on to a baby stroller. Dana is now extending the prototype to fit a variety of wheelchairs and strollers.

US ranch to grow rice with Israeli irrigation

The 17,000 acre Conaway Ranch in Woodland, California will be the first US rice grower to use Israeli drip irrigation. The Conaway Preservation Group is partnering with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev’s Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research and Israel’s Netafim.

Emerging from stealth mode

Israeli cybersecurity startup Siemplify has revealed its innovative security operations platform that can help companies identify security threats and respond quickly to incidents. Siemplify has just raised $4 million of funding.

35 billion chips checked

Israel’s Optimal+ analyzed more than 35 billion semiconductor devices on behalf of its customers in 2015 – a 50 percent increase from 2014. The information has contributed to significant quality improvements and fewer defective chips shipped for use in next-generation devices.

Soft wheels for cars

Israel’s SoftWheel is to bring its innovative automatic suspension system to the automobile sector. No flat tires, because the SoftWheel system uses a rigid tire that is not filled with air. At AIPAC, SoftWheel demonstrated the company’s Acrobat wheelchair and revealed its ambitious plans.

Almost limitless communication

Israeli start-up SkyFi is developing a network of 60 nano-satellites to cover the globe and enable any type of communication between two points – telephone, digital, and even television. It will also provide Internet access to some 4 billion people in rural areas without wired or wireless connections.

Ariel University video on nano-satellite development:

Belgians use Israeli tech to register as “safe”

Facebook activated its Safety Check app to help people stay in touch and let friends and family know they’re safe following the deadly attacks in Belgium. The social network tool was developed at the Tel Aviv headquarters of Facebook Israel. Some 4.1 million people used the app after the Nov. Paris attacks.

Low-cost renewable energy storage

Israel’s Electric Fuel Energy has developed a novel Iron Flow energy storage technology that is projected to be less costly, safer, and more environmentally friendly than other large-scale battery storage solutions. It is particularly suited for renewables and long-duration storage.



Israeli economy grows again

Israel’s economy grew by 3.3% in the fourth quarter of 2015 from 2.5% in the third quarter – stronger than expected. Overall GDP growth for 2015 was 2.6% compared to its previous estimate of 2.3%. Consumer and Public spending increased significantly, whilst inflation fell.

$1 million of benefits for $75 per month

Israeli incubator Lighthouse Innovations offers startups a benefits package that includes services worth up to a million dollars. It includes unlimited time, office space, advice, mentoring, marketing plans and investor connections, with no strings attached. For a nominal $75 a month.

Boeing contracts for Israel

Boeing has awarded Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) a new contract to build the empennage leading edges for the 777X, which will enter into service in 2020. IAI was also awarded an extension of its existing 777 contract and a strategic agreement worth up to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Vaxil Bio lists in Toronto

Israel’s Vaxil Bio, developer of the ImMucin cancer vaccine, is the first Israeli biotech to list on Toronto’s TSX-Venture Exchange. Vaxil’s Isaac Maresky rang the 21st March opening bell at the Toronto Stock Exchange, along with Israeli Consul General DJ Schneeweiss and many Israeli flags.

NASDAQ launch for blood sugar monitor

Israel’s LabStyle, developer of the Dario smartphone blood sugar monitor, has raised $8.5 million from its launch on NASDAQ.

$50 million Russian fund for Israeli startups

Russia’s Titanium Investments has unveiled its $50 million fund for investing in Israeli startups. Titanium was originally focused on investments in Russia, but has since expanded its scope, investing mainly in Israeli startups since November 2014.

Zero-interest loans for social projects

Israel’s LivinGift has opened applications for zero-interest loans to social impact enterprises from all sectors, including health, education, animal protection, social impact technologies, environment, and support for disadvantaged populations.

New trade agreements with Japan

30 top Japanese government and business officials recently visited Israel, including from Hitachi and Panasonic and principal cities Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto. Officials from the Kansai region signed a memo of understanding on increasing trade and economic ties with Israel.



“Unexpected Israel”

A new book “Unexpected Israel” written by Ruth Corman is worth reading

Explore the Upper Galilee

High peaks, rivers and streams, breathtaking landscapes and evergreen forests make the Upper Galilee particularly attractive to hikers. No wonder it has been nicknamed The Israeli Tuscany.

Top scoring words

Forty-six players from 10 countries took part in the 2016 Israeli Open Scrabble Tournament in Tiberias. The top prize was $3000. Israel – though not an English-speaking country – hosts the largest regular Scrabble gathering in the world, in Jerusalem.

World champions at Ju-Jitsu

Israeli women won two gold medals at the World Ju-Jitsu Under 21 Championship in Spain. Rony Nisimian won gold for 62 Kg, Meshi Rosenfeld the gold for 70 Kg. Ma’ayan Diamond, won a bronze medal for 55 Kg. The men’s team won three silver medals and three bronze.

World cup fencing medal

Israeli fencer Yuval Freilich overcame the Olympic gold medalist and two former world champions to win the bronze medal in the epee competition at the Peter Bakonyi World Cup event in Vancouver, Canada.



Joint Druze/Jewish Sabbath

In honor of of Zidan Seif, the brave Israeli-Druze policeman who gave his life stopping the Nov 2014 massacre at Jerusalem’s Har Nof synagogue, Rabbi Yaakov Kermaier has brought Jews and Druze together for Jethro’s Shabbat, when Jews read the Torah portion of the Druze founder.,7340,L-4762603,00.html

Nice venue for a Chuppah

This Jewish wedding song Likrat Kala was written and sung by Shlomo Broner and Orchestra. It was filmed on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and includes gorgeous footage of the Israeli coast.

Israeli goods for Purim parcels

Like many synagogues around the world, the Young Israel of Teaneck New Jersey has led a community-wide initiative to include Israeli products in its Mishloach Manot (Purim parcels) that it distributes to families this Purim. It said “Buycott Israel” is the ideal response to BDS.

Purim costumes in Tel Aviv

Nazi hunter gets Israeli citizenship

German Nazi hunter Beate Klarsfeld, 77, who is non-Jewish, has been granted Israeli citizenship. Interior Minister Aryeh Deri said at the ceremony, “You are a hero who has dedicated her life to the Jewish people.” Beate’s husband Serge and son Arno already hold Israeli citizenship.

Israeli village is the missing link

Archaeologists from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem have uncovered a unique prehistoric village, in excavations at Nahal Ein-Gev. The village contains tools typical of the Old Stone Age (Paleolithic period) but art and architecture typical of the New Stone Age (Neolithic period).

19 Jews rescued from Yemen

Israel has completed a secret operation to rescue 19 of Yemen’s last remaining Jews. They included head of the Raida community, Rabbi Dahari, who also brought a Torah scroll dating back to the fifteen or sixteenth century. “I am so excited to reach the land of our forefathers,” he said.

He saved a whole world

Ezer Mizion’s bone marrow transplant database connected Yehuda to Leukemia sufferer Itai Chanan. A year after the transplant, Yehuda met with Itai – now the father of a one-year old boy.


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