Dental care for needy elderly

Dental Volunteers for Israel provides free care to needy elderly and Holocaust survivors; Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba is opening a brand-new comprehensive cancer center this summer; Chicago faith leader called in trauma experts from Israel’s NATAL to help relieve the deep emotional wounds to many thousands of victims and their families, and much more!


Free dentures for needy elderly

For the last two years, Dental Volunteers for Israel (DVI) has been providing free dentures to needy elderly and Holocaust Survivors aged 70 and up (see video). Since 1980, DVI has provided free dental care to Jerusalem’s at-risk children and youth, regardless of race or religion.

New cancer care center in the Negev

Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba is opening a brand-new comprehensive cancer center this summer.  The Legacy Heritage Oncology Center and Dr. Larry Norton Institute will fill a profound need in Israel’s south.

Trauma support to Chicago

The city of Chicago has one of the worst crime rates in the USA. Faith leader Christopher Harris called in trauma experts from Israel’s NATAL to help relieve the deep emotional wounds to many thousands of Chicago’s victims and their families.

Stem cell treatment effective against radiation sickness

I reported previously (see here) on the stem cell treatment of Israel’s Pluristem for radiation sickness. Pluristem’s four-year studies show that its placenta-based PLX-R18 cells are effective as a treatment for radiation damage to the gastrointestinal tract and bone marrow.


Making tumors glow to guide surgeons

Tel Aviv University researchers have developed smart nanoprobes that turn on a florescent light in presence of cancerous cells. They will help surgeons remove more cancer cells, with the least possible damage to surrounding healthy tissue. The probes identify enzymes common in tumors.


Award-winning cancer monitor

Newsletter subscriber Yehudit Abrams has founded startup MonitHer which is developing an innovative home-use handheld ultrasound system to check for breast cancer. MonitHer has just won the $360,000 Grand prize at the WeWork Creator awards in Jerusalem.


Increasing recovery rates for stroke victims

Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer has radically improved the treatment of stroke patients, just by persevering for longer. Whilst the text book states that the first 8 hours after a stroke is crucial, Sheba extends this to 24 hours. Even a 93-year-old recovered.


US approval for diabetes monitor

I reported previously (10th Mar) that Israel’s DreaMed received European approval for its Advisor Pro diabetes monitor. Now the US FDA has given its approval. Advisor Pro provides insulin delivery recommendations by analyzing information from diabetes pumps and glucose monitoring.


Tunnel vision adapted to colonoscopies.  Israeli startup IBEX Technologies developed a thin inflatable “sleeve” that transmits live video from places that are too dangerous to enter (e.g. terrorist tunnels or collapsed buildings). Now IBEX spinoff Consis Medical uses the same technology to check inside the human body.


http://www.ibex-tech.com/  https://consis-medical.com/


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