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Rambam Medical Center

Rambam treats Palestinian Arabs from Jenin and Gaza the same as its Israeli Jewish and Arab patients; In a historic first, two female lawyers were appointed as Israel’s first Ethiopian judges, and much more. 

By: Michael Ordman



Rambam hospital treats all

This video about Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center came out last year. But I think it is very important to publicize that Rambam treats Palestinian Arabs from Jenin and Gaza the same as its Israeli Jewish and Arab patients.

Israel’s first female Ethiopian judges

In a historic first, two female lawyers were appointed as Israel’s first Ethiopian judges, as the Judicial Nominating Committee named Adenko Sebhat-Haimovich to the magistrates’ court, and Esther Tapeta Gardi to the traffic court. Both were appointed on their legal merits.

Special school gets new playground

Thanks to the Friends of JNF Canada, the kids at Jerusalem’s Ilanot school for children with physical and cognitive disabilities now enjoy playing with new special playground equipment. (The second video shows how the original looked)

Topol helps sick children

I reported previously (Jun 2012) on the Galilee village supported by actor Chaim Topol that provides respite for sick children. Here is a more detailed feature about Topol and his charity work.

Jewish-Druze military academy

60 cadets are studying at the first-of-its-kind joint Jewish-Druze military academy, which opened in the northern Druze town of Daliyat al-Karmel, near Haifa. (Druze) Minister Ayoob Kara said both communities “… sanctify the values of life, democracy, freedom of expression, religion and movement and this is what our sons are fighting for …”

Telling the world about Israel in the world

Untold News has been busy publicizing Israeli achievements. Over 4 million have been exposed to its “Israel Is On It” media campaign in the New York Times. Its latest article is on Buzzfeed, where millions of millennials go online to get their news.


Here is another feature about the non-profit organization Innovation:Africa, established by Sivan Ya’ari.


US delegation sees Israeli emergency response

A delegation led by the chief of the US National Guard Bureau visited Israel to learn new techniques in emergency response. Hosted by Israel’s Homefront Command, participants watched a large-scale exercise in northern Israel and was briefed on the latest Israeli technology.

UN passes Israeli-sponsored resolution

The United Nations has approved an Israeli-sponsored resolution “Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development,” by 123 votes to 30 (mostly Arab countries). The resolution focuses on key ways to help remove the barriers facing entrepreneurs and unleash the talent that is innate in all societies.



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