There is a growing fear that despite US public opinion, Obama’s obsession to distance the US diplomatically from Israel could lead him to forgo employing the US veto in the Security Council, or worse, endorse a resolution which could pave the way for global sanctions against Israel.

After the White House made clear it is exploring options that could potentially damage Israel in an end-of-term move, the WSJ asked, 'Does Mr. Obama want to be remembered as the President who criminalized Israeli citizenship?'

In a potential sign that Israel’s ties with the Sunni Arab axis in the Middle East are indeed getting stronger, the Kuwaiti UN delegation — for the first time in history – did not walk out of the hall on Thursday during Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to the General Assembly.

Waiting for the world to condemn and pay lip service to Israel’s fight against terrorism is a dead end in every sense of the word. It will never happen. We are a sovereign nation. We do not need the world’s permission to defend ourselves against those who seek our destruction.

Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon spoke at the United Nations General Assembly to discuss the anti-Semitism of the BDS movement. An amazing show of support for Israel took place on Wednesday at the United Nations in New York with over 2,000 people gathering for the largest anti-BDS assembly to date. The conference was initiated by Israeli ambassador Danon.

Why not replace the Palestinian People Committee with another body dedicated to all stateless nations and minorities? Democratic member states need to understand that as long as the bodies dedicated to anti-Israel propaganda remain active within the UN structure, very little is going to change.

The Israeli emergency response organization ZAKA has received official consultative status from the United Nations after three years of trying to secure that designation. ZAKA will now be recognized as an official body in the UN, which gives it the right to participate in official UN discussions.

Israel is demanding that the UN condemn Iran for its anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial. Iran plans to host another cartoon contest in June with a cash prize for the "best cartoon on the Holocaust." This contest typifies Iran's Holocaust denial and its efforts to ridicule or use it for anti-Israel propaganda.