Send video from your wristwatch! (Photo: Glide)
Send video from your wristwatch! (Photo: Glide)

good_news_from_israel_890x1002Good News Israel presents video messages sent from your wristwatch; Israeli company helps thousands of farmers in India, and much more.

By Michael Ordman


Send video messages from your wristwatch

Israeli start-up Glide has developed video texting that is so fast, you could be watching the video the other side of the world before your friend has finished recording it! And now, Glide is putting that technology onto smart watches. Remember Dick Tracey’s watch? It’s been superceded.

Ecological makeover for Tel Aviv bus station

The Onya Collective is turning Tel Aviv’s massive concrete bus station into a blossoming center for urban ecology. This includes hydroponics, growing plants without soil, under special LED lights. Gardens grow lettuce and strawberries using drip irrigation from the air-con system.

China-Israel innovation cooperation

Beijing hosted the first meeting of the China-Israel government innovative cooperation joint committee. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu both sent their congratulations.

Micro-irrigation for India

Israeli water company Netafim has been selected to partake in a $60 million micro-irrigation project in the Indian state of Karnataka. The project will span 12,000 hectares, help 6,700 farmers in 22 villages, increase crop production and save 50 percent of their water consumption.

A Digital Upgrade at the Tower of David Museum

Jerusalem’s Tower of David Museum is introducing a new digital initiative. Position any mobile device over the view and an audiovisual guide, using IDF mapping technology, will identify and explain landmarks within the frame.

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