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The hostages’ previously freed wives issue heartfelt pleas for their safe return.

By Vered Weiss

On Saturday, Hamas released a video featuring two more hostages, Keith Siegel (64) and Omri Miran (47) after a video circulated earlier in the week of hostage Hersh Goldberg-Polin (23).

Although there wasn’t independent confirmation when the videos were filmed, the hostages described not being able to celebrate Passover.

Miran said, “I have been here 202 days,” which indicates that the video was filmed on Thursday.

Hamas has periodically released videos of the hostages speaking under duress criticizing the Israeli government with the aim of putting psychological pressure on Israel to capitulate to the demands of the terror group.

The hostages also said they were aware of demonstrations in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and encouraged protestors to keep the pressure on the government.

Keith Siegal and his wife Aviva were both captured from Kfar Azza on October 7th and Aviva was released in accordance with a November hostage deal.

After seeing the video, Aviva said, “Keith, I love you, we will fight until you return.”

Following her release, Aviva described how she had been left in a tunnel with Keith, and then when the hostages were moved, she was separated from her husband and did not know if he was still alive.

Omri Miran was captured from Nahal Oz, and his wife Lishay Lavi said to him while he was being kidnapped, “I love you, we are waiting for you, don’t be a hero.”

After he was abducted, his two-year old daughter tried to run after him and yelled, “I want my dad!”

Omri’s father, Danny Miran, told Kan News, “I am moved to tears; these are tears of happiness. I am crying all over. I am moved and crying to recognize my son.”

Danny Miran added that freeing the hostages was the highest priority, regardless of how it is done.

He said, “… if they bring all the hostages home immediately. It doesn’t matter how they do it.”

Omri’s brother Nadav, told Walla, “It’s exciting to see this picture. I’m glad he’s alive, and I hope to see him home as soon as possible. He seems fine to me. Going out to fight Rafah will bring them faster. Less talk, more action.”

Following the release of the hostage videos, the Hostages and Missing Families Forum issued a statement that the ‘proof of life’ video was “the clearest evidence that the Israeli government must do everything to approve a deal for the return of all the hostages before Independence Day (May 14).”