(Yossi Zwecker/FIDF)
4 lone soldier sisters

“There is no doubt that my sisters had an influence on my decision, but it is also probably part of the DNA our parents instilled in us,” said Y., the family’s youngest sister to join the IDF.


A Jewish family from Boston made history when its fourth and youngest daughter decided to serve in the IDF as a Lone Soldier alongside her three older sisters. According to public records, this is the first time that a family from the U.S. has four daughters serving simultaneously.

Just a few days after Israel celebrated its 74th year of independence, Y., 18, enlisted to serve, with the assistance of the Friends of the IDF (FIDF) – Nefesh B’Nefesh Lone Soldier Program. Y. joins the 45 Massachusetts-based Lone Soldiers currently defending the State of Israel.

Y.’s sisters, Captain A., 24, Lieutenant O., 23, and Private A., 20, serve in prestigious positions in the IDF. Captain (Res.) A., the eldest of the four sisters, is an active reservist in an elite Navy unit. Lieutenant O., the second-born, completed a pilot’s course and currently serves as a pilot in the 120th squadron on the Nevatim Air Force base. Private A., serves in the IDF military band.

“There is no doubt that my sisters had an influence on my decision, but it is also probably part of the DNA our parents instilled in us,” explained Y. “The connection between my family and Israel was strong and significant to our way of life. I know that the service will be challenging, but I am looking forward to it.”

When asked if their parents were also planning to make Aliyah, the sisters said that “they finally have some quiet, and they feel like a young couple again. There’s no need to hurry.”

The family’s dedication to Israel runs deep. Their mother is an employee of FIDF and has supported each one of her daughters in her individual journey.

“Being the parent of a Lone Soldier, not to mention four, is not easy but it’s nothing compared to what it’s like for the young woman or man who is living away from their family and all that is familiar,” the mother said.

“I’m so proud that our girls acted on their beliefs, and while the difficulties have been real since my eldest enlisted, our family has experienced an abundance of care and guidance from organizations like FIDF, NBN and Garin Tzabar,” she added.

Noya Govrin, Director of the FIDF – Nefesh B’Nefesh – Lone Soldiers Program, said: “These women are without a doubt the true embodiment of love for our homeland, and they are a source of inspiration and Zionism in its purest form.”

“We are pleased that the number of young people from North America and around the world who want to make Aliyah and volunteer for the IDF as lone soldiers is growing. We are working hard to ensure that they are provided with the holistic support they need, as well as the feeling of home during their dedicated service,” she added.