Firas Al Najim

A Muslim man dressed as a Orthodox Jew harassed an elderly survivor of the Holocaust.

By United with Israel Staff

Firas al Najim, who leads an anti-Israel organization called Canadian Defenders for Human Rights (CD4HR), recently donned a black hat similar to those worn by orthodox Jews during an unprovoked verbal ambush of an elderly Holocaust survivor in Canada.

“If you’re a Holocaust survivor, why do you support oppression? Why do you support people who are killing?” Najim barked at at the woman outside an event last week organized by the United Jewish Appeal (UJA) Federation of Greater Toronto.

Apparently proud of his antics, Najim posted videos of the incident to social media.

“Why are you standing with Israel? Just because you want to have a Jewish homeland, you want to kill everybody? You want to murder and steal people’s homes?” said Najim. “When you come out of oppression, you shouldn’t be doing oppression. You tasted that evil lifestyle, you should be coming out to help the oppressed.”

According to coverage by the Jerusalem Post, “Najim appeared to have dressed as an orthodox Jew to gain entry to the event and to challenge attendees on their political beliefs.”

“International Law! You think you’re God’s chosen people, you think you’re above the law?” Najim shouted as he was escorted away from the event.

According to the Post, “Najim has been involved in similar altercations with the Toronto Jewish community.”

These include a July 2022 incident at a shopping area with Kosher stores during which a protester yelled at Jews, “Shabbat shalom b*****s.”

Najim’s group CD4HR also participated in an April 2022 rally during which participants expressed support for Palestinian terrorists’ rocket attacks on Israelis.