United with Israel provides a myriad of opportunities to support Israel online.

Support Israel with Donation

As a grassroots movement that unites pro-Israel activists around the world, United with Israel supports struggling Israeli communities in the south that have faced numerous qassam rocket attacks over the last 13 years.

By raising funds online to build bomb shelters and plant fruit trees in the region, United with Israel provides critical support to southern Israeli towns, villages, moshavim and kibbutzim.


These efforts are desperately needed, with fruit trees promoting beauty and environmental development and portable bomb shelters providing school children with necessary protection from rocket fire.


When United with Israel recently visited the southern Israeli town of Netivot, the organization installed two bomb shelters for kindergarten children in a local school that  previously lacked protection. The school was extremely grateful for United with Israel’s support in their hour of need.

United with Israel supports the People of Israel by demonstrating solidarity with Israeli soldiers. For example, United with Israel visited soldiers who were actively fighting for Israel near the Gaza border during Operation Pillar of Defense. United with Israel representatives and their families handed out care packages and hosted a Chanukah Party with live entertainment, brightening the holiday for brave soldiers who were far away from their families.

Additionally, United with Israel works to prevent the nuclear threat from Iran by petitioning the White House and world leaders to declare clear red lines for Iran’s nuclear program. Hundreds of thousands of signatures have been received. A nuclear Iran is a threat not only to Israel but to the entire world. Most certainly, working toward a Middle East free of a nuclear Iran is critical to the survival of the State of Israel.

United with Israel has initiated dozens of projects and online action items so that Israel supporters can help Israel with just the click of a mouse.