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Human rights violations against Palestinians have only worsened under the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, according to a Palestinian rights group.

A leading Palestinian advocacy group says human rights for Palestinians living under the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas rule in Gaza are at their “worst” in years.

According to the annual report by the Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR), hundreds of people were tortured by authorities in Gaza, ruled by the Islamic Hamas terror organizations, and in the areas governed by the Western-backed Palestinian Authority.

The ICHR reveals that several people died in Hamas detention over the past year, and another person died in a PA prison. The report highlights the incident in which Hamas took 16 prisoners from their jail cells and summarily executed them in the streets during Operation Protective Edge.

Commission chief Ahmad Harb said other violations include bans on peaceful gatherings, and that rights violations “increased in volume” over the past four years.

ICHR, an official Palestinian body, seeks to protect and promote human rights in accordance with Palestinian Basic Law and the international principles of human rights.

In its “Monthly Report on Violations of Human Rights and Freedoms” for March, the ICHR counted 13 deaths, including nine in the PA and four in the Gaza Strip; 60 allegations of torture and ill-treatment; 71 reports of violations involving the due process of law; four cases of violations involving the freedom of opinion and expression as well as freedom of media and peaceful assembly, and several other incidents of infringement of the Palestinians’ human rights by their leaders.

A recent poll conducted among the population reveals that they consider the Palestinian leadership to be corrupt and dangerous, they are bitterly disappointed with their lives under the PA, they believe they have no real freedom under either PA or Hamas rule, and a large segment is contemplating emigration.

By: AP and United with Israel Staff

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PA head Abbas and Hamas leader Haniyeh together.

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