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To my many MOT’s (members of the tribe) who are on the left (or have a subscription to the Forward), Trump has not opened up concentration camps for Jews or banned matzo ball soup or bagels.

I have been watching with interest as the left, especially the Jewish left, has been in meltdown mode since Trump won last year. A close friend of mine asked me to meet him and some friends for drinks. He was concerned that I shouldn’t talk politics because some of the people were very sensitive and enraged at Trump. For the record I like this friend, respect him and he is not thin skinned. I even generally like most of the people who were there. Believe it or not, in person I don’t talk politics unless asked and even then I try not to get into deep discussions because as many of you know I HAVE MY OPINIONS…

I think that these people were amazed that I wasn’t foaming at the mouth, wearing a far right uniform and didn’t dye my hair orange to reflect my support for Trump.

“Support” that is an interesting word. I voted for him, I voiced my opinion publicly, but I have done what many on the left did not do during the Obama years. I HAVE BEEN EXTREMELY CRITICAL WHEN IT WARRANTED IT. I am no shrinking violet and I am no partisan. I am unenthusiastic about many Republicans as I am about the far left that call themselves Democrats today.

My point for bringing this up? I am amazed at how formerly rational, thinking, smart people can be so irrational and dumb when it comes to President Trump and I am amazed at how many formerly rational thinking, smart people could be so irrational and deluded about former President Obama. Especially if you are a supporter of Israel, which is certainly not my only issue but a very important one.

Ok, so you don’t like his orange hair.
Ok, so you don’t like his plain speaking, extemporaneous speeches instead of the practiced, careful lies of Obama.

Ok, so you don’t like Trump’s hyperbole and verbal gaffes that a non-politician is going to make.
OK, so you don’t like his piggish, locker room talk regarding women.
OK, so you don’t like his tweeting. #Idonteither

I get it, I truly do, however just imagine for one moment that what you are feeling is precisely the way that I and many others like me felt for the past eight years.

The lecturing of the Supreme court in front of them at the SOTU address.

The harassment of conservatives and conservative organizations by the IRS.

The incredibly bad Iran deal and its truckloads of cash in which will be used against us all someday.

I could go on but … you get it, now don’t you?

So, just for a second, let’s forget the orange hair, the “embellishing of facts,” “hyperbole,” the exaggerations that we get with Trump.

Let’s forget the tweets. He has a method to his madness but I will address that in some future column.

It has almost been over a year since Trump won.

Here is what has NOT happened

Betsy Devos has not ruined public school education and she has gotten rid of Obama-era kangaroo courts on college campuses.

We have not all been forced to dye our hair orange in honor of our “dear leader”.

Muslims have not been rounded up and sent to work at bacon factories.

Mexicans have not all been deported.

To my many MOT’s (members of the tribe) who are on the left, (or have a subscription to the Forward), Trump has not opened up concentration camps for Jews, banned matzo ball soup or bagels.

Here is what HAS happened

Here is what he has done in case you didn’t notice. (You probably didn’t if you only watch MNBC, CNN or read the New York Times exclusively.

ISIS is on their ass (technical term), having been defeated as a territory holding entity. When was the last time that you heard about this from the MSM?

The stock market has risen over 20 percent. This shows at least that the business community and stockholders have great confidence in the direction of our country.

Over 2.2 million jobs have been added to the rolls. Unemployment is at historic lows.

Growth is now above 3 percent, which NEVER happened on a yearly basis during the Obama administration.

Illegal immigration is down over 50 percent.

M-13, a notorious gang terrorizing communities around the country and especially on Long Island, has taken a huge hit with deportations and the police departments being allowed to do their jobs.

Arab countries in the Middle East have regained confidence in our country and have made strong overtures to Israel for peace.

There is a newfound respect for our country among Arab States, Japan, China and others.

Instead of ignoring North Korea, Trump is facing it and putting the squeeze on them before it is too late.

NATO has been paying more of its fair show adding billions of dollars to the United States coffers.

Federal Judges and the Supreme Court even with Democratic obstruction are being populated with pro constitution, competent Judges instead of the crazy ideologues of the past 8 years. Unless you don’t care about that little phrase that they all have to repeat while swearing in.” “I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

1.5 million Fewer people on food stamps.

Dogs and cats becoming friends … ooops made that one up…

Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel 22 years after Congress and three presidents promised but failed to keep their promises.

Trump may embellish, exaggerate but HE KEEPS HIS PROMISES.

You see, after 8 years of Obama we needed a “Trump in a China shop,” so to speak, to bust things up. He may be a bastard, but he is our bastard, and the alternative would have been way too bleak to even imagine. So…..

Do you really care about those things if he gets the job done? By any normal standards, his administration is looking pretty darned good so far.

Next time I will tell you what you really think…

And if you want a friend for president, get a dog.

Article by Larry Levine

Originally from Long Island, New York, Larry Levine lives in Columbus Ohio. He is an award-winning businessman/pro-Israel activist, writer. Also a standup comedian and talk show host whose guests included Jay Leno, Alexander Haig and Paul Reiser.