ISIS terrorists

Intentional mass killing? Dozens of ISIS terrorists died from food poisoning, although the source of contamination is unclear. 

Forty-five Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists died last week from food poisoning they contracted during a group ‘Iftar’ feast to break the day’s Ramadan fast in Mosul, Iraqi media reports.

The 45 jihadists, among a group of 145 terrorists who partook in the feast, reportedly all died the same night.

A spokesperson for the Kurdistan Democratic Party told the Kurdish paper Al Sumaria News about the food poisoning and celebrated it, saying they deserved their fate for the atrocities they have committed in Mosul and elsewhere.

The exact cause of the food poisoning remains unclear, leaving the door open for a possible deliberate mass killing.

There have allegedly been previous cases of ISIS fighters being poisoned by rival rebel groups in the past, but the reliability of these reports has been questioned.

In November, the Times of Iraq reported that rebels of the Free Syrian Army and local cooks poisoned the food consumed by ISIS terrorists in the Fath El-Sahel camp, killing dozens of them.

By: United with Israel Staff

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