ISIS is increasingly directing its threats against Israel as the terrorist group is suffering setbacks in its strongholds in Iraq and Syria, Brett McGurk, presidential envoy to a 66-member anti-ISIS coalition, told Congress on Tuesday.

Hundreds of Kurds fleeing villages held by the Islamic State (ISIS) terror organization in northern Syria amid a wave of mass abductions have been shot at, with several killed or wounded, opposition activists and a Kurdish official said Saturday.

FBI Director James Comey said Tuesday that the Islamic State (ISIS) group is currently the main threat facing the United States, both in its efforts to recruit fighters to join it in Syria and Iraq and to have others carry out violent attacks on American soil.

The Islamic State (ISIS) terror organization is calling on its followers in Western countries to carry out terror attacks during the upcoming holy month of Ramadan, which begins in June.

While ISIS has lost ground elsewhere, the terror group appears to be succeeding in certain areas. Some say, however, that it will be a challenge for ISIS to become as big a threat in Libya as it is in Iraq and Syria because of resistance from local Libyan fighters and the population.