Musab Mutawa

An ISIS terrorist eliminated on Friday was revealed to be the nephew of Yahya Sinwar, the Hamas terror group’s leader in Gaza.

By Pesach Benson, United With Israel

According to Arab media reports, an Islamic State-Sinai (ISIS) terrorist killed by the Egyptian army on Friday is Musab Mutawa, the nephew of Yahya Sinwar, the political leader of the Hamas terror group, which rules the Gaza Strip.

Mutawa was also known by the nom de guerre, Abu Jamil Al-Ghazawi.

According to Mideast defense analyst Joe Truzman, the Islamic State published a statement during the weekend mourning Mutawa’s death.

On Tuesday, a Palestinian terrorist inspired by Islamic State killed four Israelis in Beersheba.

The terrorist, Muhammad Abu Al-Kiyan, from the Bedouin town of Hura, near Beersheba, had recently been released from prison for trying to join Islamic State in Syria and for trying to recruit students with radical Islamist ideology at a school where he taught.

As a result of the terror attack in Beersheba, Israel is on high alert for additional ISIS-inspired threats.

With regard to Mutawa, The Dubai-based Al-Arabiya news site reported that he was the son of of Jamila Sinwar, the first woman to serve in the Hamas Shura Council, the terror organization’s supreme advisory council. She died of COVID-19 in January and was the sister of Gaza strongman Yahya Sinwar, who serves as the terror group’s equivalent of a prime minister.

He was sentenced to several life terms for his role in the kidnapping and murder of two Israeli soldiers, but was released in order to free Israeli prisoner-of-war Gilad Shalit.

Al-Arabiya added that Mutawa’s father is a Hamas fundraiser in Khan Yunis.

According to the report, Mutawa was trying to deliver supplies to Islamic State cohorts in hiding near the Egyptian-Gaza border when he was spotted and killed by Egyptian soldiers.