(Department of Defense via AP)
Islamic State raid

Abu-Omar al-Muhajjir insists Jerusalem can only be “liberated” by a pan-Islamic caliphate.

By Pesach Benson, United With Israel

Islamic State is urging supporters to attack Israelis.

The Ramadan address by IS spokesman Abu-Omar al-Muhajjir called for a “global offensive” against the West to avenge the death of Abu Ibrahim al-Qurayshi.

Qurayshi killed himself and 12 others — including members of his family — when he detonated a suicide bomb while American special forces raided a building in northern Syria.

Muhajjr called for more attacks to be carried out in Europe since “the opportunity is ripe for you” because it is “preoccupied” with the war in Ukraine.

Israel has been cracking down on supporters of Islamic State since terror attacks in Beersheva and Hadera killed six Israelis in March. Both attacks were carried out by Arab Israelis expressing solidarity with Islamic State.

Referring to those attacks, Muhajjr called on supporters to “follow their path and arm themselves with weapons and carry out further attacks.”

He also urged Muslims to oppose the Arab states who made peace with Israel.

Muhajjr also insisted that Jerusalem would only be “liberated” via the return of a pan-Islamic caliphate and not through Palestinian nationalism or with the help of “those who have values that change according to the interests of their Roman masters,” referring to the West.