Sheikh Muhammad Ayed

The wave of Syrian refugees coming to Europe will serve as a vehicle for Muslim conquest, a Palestinian cleric declared in Jerusalem. 

A Muslim cleric preaching from the pulpit at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem said that the massive migration of Syrian refugees to Europe will serve as a means for Muslim conquest of the Continent.

In an address delivered at the Al-Aqsa Mosque earlier this month, Sheikh Muhammad Ayed claimed that European countries are not motivated by compassion toward the refugees, but by their need for labor. However, “we shall conquer their countries,” he declared.

According to a transcript of his sermon published by MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute), Ayed asserted that “the infidels,” the Christians and Jews, want the Muslim refuges “to be tormented. They want us to be humiliated.”

His source was the Koran, he continued. “It says: ‘the Jews and the Christians will never be pleased with you,’ but we will never follow their religion,” he stated.

“This dark night will be over, and soon, we will trample them [the infidels] underfoot, Allah willing,” Ayed declared. “Germany is not a compassionate country that wishes to absorb refugees from Syria and Iraq, and Palestinian refugees in the Levant and elsewhere.”

Europe has “become old and decrepit,” he continued, and it needs “human reinforcement.”

“No force is more powerful than the human force of us Muslims. Oh Muslims, the Germans say, in their economic reports, that they need 50,000 young workers. Now, they have got 20,000, and they want another 30,000 and more, to work in their factories. They are not motivated by compassion for the Levant, its people, and its refugees. Throughout Europe, all the hearts are infused with hatred toward Muslims. They wish that we were dead,” he preached

“But they have lost their fertility, so they look for fertility in their midst. We will give them fertility!”

He called on the refugees to “breed children with them,” and by doing so, “we shall conquer their countries – whether you like it or not, oh Germans, oh Americans, oh French, oh Italians, and all those like you.”

“Take the refugees! We shall soon collect them in the name of the coming Caliphate. We will say to you: These are our sons. Send them, or we will send our armies to you,” he concluded.

Ayed’s words are reminiscent of similar calls made by the Islamic State (ISIS) terror organization, which has repeatedly stated its desire to conquer Europe.

By: United with Israel Staff
With files from MEMRI

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