Nuclear medicine

A state-of-the-art nuclear imaging machine, the first and only one of its kind around the world and which can map tissues and bones and identify diseases, was installed at Israel’s Rambam Hospital.

Israeli patients will be the first in the world to enjoy a first-of-its-kind hybrid imaging scanner, which was installed at Haifa’s Rambam Hospital last week.

The nuclear imaging machine allows doctors to map tissues and bones and can identify diseases and developments, including cancer, heart and kidney diseases, broken bones, and infections.

“This technology marks a real breakthrough in the field of imaging,” said Professor Zohar Keidar, deputy director of the Nuclear Medicine Department at Rambam.

With the new hybrid imaging system, according to Keidar, “patients will undergo much more precise and quick examinations, while being exposed to far less radiation.”

Additionally, Rambam expects the shortened examination time to allow more patients per day to be tested, and in far greater comfort.

The machine, which incorporates a variety of sophisticated imaging and X-ray technologies, was developed in part at the General Electric Global Research Center in Tirat Carmel in northern Israel. The machine underwent several successful tests at Rambam Hospital, and has received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration.

By: JNS.org