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Terror attack

Terror attack

The wounded officer is evacuated. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Palestinian terrorists committed several attacks in the capital Wednesday night. A quick response by security personnel prevented severe harm to security personnel and private citizens.

Residents of Jerusalem experienced a violent night of terror on Wednesday when Palestinian terrorists committed several attacks in the capital.

In one incident, a Palestinian, 56, assaulted a unit of border policemen near Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. The terrorist managed to stab one policeman before the unit overpowered him.

According to an account released by police, the assailant attacked the unit from behind with an ax, shouting “Allahu Akbar.” He tried to strike one of the officers in the head, but missed his target, dropped the ax and fled. After being caught, he managed to stab another police.

The victim, 19, was lightly wounded and taken to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem for treatment. He was later released.

The terrorist was arrested. A resident of Hebron, he had been incarcerated in Israel for the murder of Professor Menahem Stern in 1989. He was released in 2013 as a goodwill gesture by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Palestinian Authority (PA) head Mahmoud Abbas as part of the diplomatic process.

Jerusalem District Police Commander Moshe Edri lauded the officers for their quick and professional response. “Their alertness and their quick and decisive response prevented a more severe harming of security personnel and citizens,” he stated.

There have recently been several stabbing attacks by Palestinian terrorists on Israeli security forces.

Firebombs and Rocks

In a separate incident which occurred a few hours later, a Palestinian terrorist hurled a firebomb at a Border Police jeep cruising in Jerusalem’s A-Tur neighbourhood. The policemen managed to exit the vehicle before it caught fire. One of the officers, 23, sustained light injuries after inhaling smoke.

Firefighters were alerted to the scene, but encountered a heavy barrage of rocks thrown by Palestinian rioters. Despite the threat, the firefighters managed to extinguish the blaze while residents in the area were evacuated.

An electric pole was also burned in the attack. Ammunition kept in the vehicle exploded after it caught fire, but no one was injured.

Molotov cocktails are a simple and popular choice of weapon for Palestinian terrorists.

The police announced Sunday that they arrested a group of Arab terrorists on suspicion of committing a series of firebomb attacks in Jerusalem in recent months, which caused several casualties.

By: Max Gelber, United with Israel

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