A Palestinian preacher uses classic anti-Semitic lies as standard teaching material for Arabs in Jerusalem.

A Palestinian preacher, speaking at Jerusalem’s central mosque, used the most virulent anti-Semitic slanders during a lesson he gave after Friday prayers last week, Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reports.

Sheikh Khaled Al-Mughrabi, who teaches two religious classes a week at the Al-Aksa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, uses his position to demonize Jews as the epitome of evil, using both Western and Muslim anti-Semitic blood libels in his teachings.

Al-Mughrabi invoked the classic tale that Jews bake Passover Matzah from the blood of non-Jewish children and presented it as fact. “These stories are known. There is proof of them…. Write: ‘Jews’ bread’ in Google…. You will see all of these stories, and for all of them there is proof and evidence, with dates and police files in which the material is found,” he stated.

The worshipers at the mosque received a detailed description of how Jews reportedly obtain the blood. “The Children of Israel…would look for a small child, kidnap and steal him, bring a barrel called the barrel of nails…. They would put the small child in the barrel and his body would be pierced by these nails. In the bottom of the barrel they would put a faucet and pour the blood…. The Devil or one of the big gods demanded it of them as a condition for fulfilling their wishes, that they eat [matzah] bread kneaded with the blood of children.”

He also alleges that the Jews drink blood like vampires in order to “attain eternal life.”

Al-Mughrabi claimed that when the Jewish practice of using blood for matzah was discovered, the Europeans took defensive measures. European anti-Semitism, including the repeated expulsions of Jews, were European self-defense measures he said.

According to this teacher of Islam, the alleged Jewish practice of murdering children also explains the reason behind the Nazi extermination of the Jews. “In the end it reached the point where they were burned in Germany because of these things, because they kidnapped young children,” he said.

In his anti-Semitic tirade, the Sheikh also explained that the Jews were behind the September 11 attacks on the United States. “It’s known that the Jews were behind them,” he declared.

Al-Mughrabi also tied the Jews to the Freemasons, saying that Jews sacrifice their friends and relatives in order to advance in that society. “The Freemason lodges are witchcraft gatherings of the Children of Israel. One of the ceremonies, for instance, if someone wants to be accepted as a new member, or rise in rank…he has to somehow bring one of his sons or daughters, or his wife or one of his male or female relatives, and put them on the table and slaughter them with his own hands as a sacrifice to Satan, in order to rise in the ranks of the Freemasons. My brothers, this exists until today.”

The Jews have more than one god and worship the Devil, he charged. “They say that our god is number 10. It’s an internal [secret] matter of theirs…. They have smaller gods, from one to nine, and they have gods who are stronger than Allah, from 11 to 34. Devil or Satan is number 11 for them. If you look at history, my brothers, you’ll see that the number 11 is holy for the Jews, and 666 is also a holy number, three times six signifies the Devil.”

Anti-Semitism Under the PA’s Auspice


PA Minister of Religious Affairs Mahmoud Al-Habbash. (israele.net)

As documented by PMW, the official Palestinian Authority (PA) daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, has likewise promoted the libel that Jews use the blood of non-Jews to bake matzah.

According to the PA, religious lessons at all the mosques are supervised by the Palestinian government and require prior approval. PA Minister of Religious Affairs Mahmoud Al-Habbash explained: “The mosques and everything related to them belong to the Ministry of Religious Affairs, from the employees – the imam, the speaker, the Koran teacher, the librarian, the caretakers and custodians…. He noted that the religious lessons, Koran study and other activities going on in the mosques require prior approval by the Ministry.”

Palestinian and Muslim preachers habitually use the Al-Aksa pulpit to promote anti-Semitism and hatred of America and to incite terror.

Using anti-Semitism to promote hatred is common in the PA. Earlier this week, PMW published a clip from a PA TV children’s program that presented Jews as “barbaric monkeys…the most evil among creations.”

By: United with Israel Staff
(With files from PMW)

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