AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda
Ukrainian security forces inside the synagogue at the Anatevka

In a miraculous ceremony in Ukraine, three older Jews had a “brit milah” to join the Covenant of Abraham.

By United with Israel Staff

This February, three older Ukrainian men made the brave decision to join the Covenant of Abraham, VIN News recently reported.

Due to a number of circumstances, the men had not had a ritual circumcision, called a “brit milah” in Hebrew, a crucial commandment in Judaism.

One of the men was 86 years old.

The ceremony took place in war-torn Kiev, which recently observed the solemn one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Amid the warnings, Ukrainians and Russians have immigrated to Israel, which has given safe Haven to tens of thousands of people fleeing the war.

Despite the conflict, the vibrant Jewish community in Ukraine continues to observe rituals, host Sabbath services, and celebrate holidays.

In accordance with Jewish ritual, the three men who entered the Covenant of Abraham took on Jewish names. The oldest of the men, an 86-year-old who lives in the village of Anatevka, chose the name Moshe Eliyahu to honor his grandfathers, the former of whom was killed in a pogrom and the latter of whom was murdered by the Nazis.

That the 86-year-old Moshe Eliyahu performed a brit milah in Ukraine in the year 2023 attests to the enduring triumph of the Jewish people over the forces of evil and darkness.

Following the performance of the brit milah, a festive meal was held, which was presided over by the head of the community, Rabbi Moshe Azman.

The rabbi intoned that in the merit of performing these commandments, the people of Ukraine and the Jewish community of Kiev should be protected.

Last April, videos emerged from Ukraine showing former Israeli soldiers helping to fend off Russian invaders. Other soldiers in Ukraine expressed their solidarity with the Jewish people as they battle terror in Israel.

The men appeared in Ukrainian uniforms in an undisclosed location. In one of the videos, the fighters thank Ukraine’s chief rabbi, Rabbi Moshe Azman, for providing them with kosher food to observe the Passover holiday.

In the circumcision ceremonies in February 2023, Rabbi Azman oversaw the rituals.

“We give thanks to the people of Israel and the Israeli government for the help they give us. We are here, fighting the Russians,” one fighter intones in Hebrew.

He also thanked Kyiv’s central synagogue for its assistance.

Another fighter adds, “I want to say thank you to the entire Jewish people who are helping us — we are here for you, for the whole nation. We are here for all whose lives are endangered. We are fighting for you.”
In a second clip, some of the men display an Israeli flag with a Ukrainian flag.

“We, the soldiers of the Ukrainian army who are at the front fighting the Russian invader, want to express our support for the people of Israel who are experiencing severe terror attacks,” said a fighter in the second clip, reported Times of Israel.

This fighter appears to be referring to the wave of terror attacks launched by Palestinian murderers, during which they have killed 11 people.