Lara Logan

Fox Nation presenter says Jews paid Charles Darwin to invent theory of evolution, shared article blaming Rothschilds for masterminding Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations.

By Pesach Benson, United With Israel

Appearing on a QAnon-aligned podcast on Monday, Fox Nation presenter Lara Logan claimed that Jews paid Charles Darwin to invent the theory of evolution.

Logan hosts Fox Nation’s “Lara Logan Has No Agenda.”

Logan, a former investigative journalist, told the podcast, “And We Know,” that the Rothschild family paid to Darwin to manufacture his theory of evolution.

“What is the only thing on Earth that is actually renewable? It’s life. And they can, you know, go back to the big-bang theory and Darwin,” Logan said.

“I mean, when I found out, does anyone know when, who employed Darwin? Where Darwinism comes from? Well, I mean, you know, look it up, the Rothschilds. It goes right back to 10 Downing Street and the same people who employed Darwin and that’s when Darwin, you know, wrote his theory of evolution and so on and so on,” she added.

“And I’m not saying that none of that is true. I’m just saying Darwin was hired by someone to come up with the theory. Right? Based on evidence. OK, fine,” Logan concluded.

Darwin, a 19th century biologist, is considered the father of the theory of evolution. His book, “On Origin of Species,” which was published in 1859, posits that life forms branched out and evolved from common ancestors through a process he described as “natural selection.” Many religious communities reject Darwin.

His writings on natural selection later gave rise to “social Darwinism.” This theory — which was embraced by Nazi Germany — asserted that human groups and races were also subject to the same laws of natural selection as in the animal and plant kingdoms.

Logan and the Rothschild Conspiracy Theories

The Rothschild family was Europe’s largest banking dynasty. Founded by Mayer Amschel Rothschild in the 1800s, the bank’s multi-national network and the family’s immense personal wealth made it popular fodder for antisemitic conspiracy theories. False claims that Jews controlled international finance, illicitly profited from Europe’s wars and engineered political or economic developments were never proven but still persist.

Several of these antisemitic tropes about the Rothschilds were evident in an article which Logan shared on her verified Gettr account on March 15. The article was published on a web site called “Political Vel Craft” which traffics in other conspiracy theories and was authored by someone only identified as “Volubrjotr.”  The article:

• Claimed that the Rothschilds “used their money power to foment the bloody U.S. Civil War,” then orchestrated the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln who tried to block their plans.

• Asserted that the Rothschilds masterminded the assassination of President John F. Kennedy because of his economic policies and charisma threatened their interests.

• Described the Rothschilds as “Obama’s puppetmasters.”

The article Logan shared also included an infographic claiming that “Zionists” are behind communism, radical feminism, multi-culturalism, the slave trade and a host of other evils.

antisemitic conspiracy theories

An antisemitic infographic appearing in an article shared by journalist Lara Logan. (Screenshot)

In December, Logan angered American Jews by comparing Dr. Anthony Fauci to Dr. Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor who performed experiments on Jews in Auschwitz on Fox News.

“What you see on Dr. Fauci, this is what people say to me, that he doesn’t represent science to them. He represents Josef Mengele — Dr. Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor who did experiments on Jews during the Second World War and in the concentration camps,” she said.

Organizations such as Yad Vashem, the Auschwitz Memorial Museum and the ADL condemned Logan’s comparisons as outlandish, offensive and accused her of exploiting the Holocaust.

As a result of those remarks, the United Talent Agency, which represents entertainers, athletes, journalists and other professionals severed its ties with Logan over her Mengele comments.

Jews on Twitter denounced Logan.

“Fox has a problem. A vanishingly thin line separates the world of conspiracy theories with antisemitism. So you have Tucker Carlson talking about “the great replacement” – a classic White Supremacist antisemitic trope – and now this,” tweeted Paul Gross, a senior fellow at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center.