Sheikh Maher Hamoud


Hezbollah terrorists on the march. (IDF)

Yet another prominent Muslim cleric has called for Israel’s annihilation, calling the Jewish state “a cancerous tumor in the Muslim world.”

Muslim clerics and Palestinian activists from across the world convened in Beirut, Lebanon, for an international conference to support the so-called “Palestinian cause.”

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony on Tuesday, the imam of the Al-Quds Mosque in the southern Lebanese city of Sidon, Sheikh Maher Hamoud, lauded Palestinian terror organizations for their fight against Israel.

“We are proud of being individuals confronting a cancerous tumor in the Muslim world,” said the senior cleric.

He was echoing similar comments made by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah. “Israel poses a danger on all people of this region…including Lebanon, and removing it is a Lebanese national interest,” Nasrallah told hundreds of supporters in his half-hour speech in March. Israel is “a cancerous growth” that must be wiped out, he said. “The only solution is to destroy it without giving it the opportunity to surrender.”

Hamoud added that the time has come to speak “frankly and fearlessly against Israel” instead of standing idly and watching what he termed “the Tel Aviv regime” as it “demolishes the Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

During the latest Palestinian riots on the Temple Mount, Palestinian Arabs desecrated their own mosques, using them as battlegrounds.

Hamoud said the main objective of the ongoing conference on Palestine in Beirut should be “the annihilation of Israel,” something which will eventually happen, “as cited by the holy Quran and various rabbis and Israeli officials.” It is unclear to which Israeli officials or rabbis he was referring.

He also predicted that Palestinians will eventually outnumber Israelis through their high rate of birth, thus changing the demographic features in their favor, in order to “obliterate Israel.” He also claimed that the Israeli government was troubled by this threat. In fact, the Palestinian birthrate has declined and the Israeli one is on the rise.

The senior Lebanese clergyman concluded by expressing his hope that “Israel will disappear as salt solves in water.”

By: United with Israel Staff