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Israel is closely and anxiously following the negotiations with Iran regarding its nuclear program. Alan Dershowitz says Israel shouldn’t depend on the US. Can Obama deliver? 

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US Secretary of State John Kerry. (Photo: Matty Stern/Flash90)

US President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a telephone conversation on Monday, discussed the ongoing negotiations between the West and Iran as well as the Palestinian Authority (PA) application to join the International Criminal Court (ICC) in order to pursue Israel for alleged war crimes.

Obama reaffirmed Washington’s commitment to reach a comprehensive deal with Iran that prevents the Islamic Republic from obtaining nuclear weapons and “verifiably assures the international community of the exclusively peaceful nature of its nuclear program.” Obama underscored his commitment to the security of Israel and the importance of continuing close cooperation on this issue.

Obama reiterated the US position that the PA does not constitute a state and is therefore not eligible to join the ICC. “The US continues to strongly oppose actions by both parties that undermine trust and encourages both sides to seek ways to deescalate tensions,” the White House stated after the conversation between the two leaders.

Secretary of State John Kerry is scheduled to meet with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Wednesday to continue the talks between the P5+1 (US, Russia, China, UK, France and Germany) and Iran. “The meeting is calculated to take stock, number one, and to provide direction to our teams, number two, and to hopefully be able to accelerate the process to make greater progress,” Kerry said earlier Monday.

Can Israel Rely on the US?

Negotiations between the West and Iran have so far failed. Jerusalem is concerned that the US may settle for a bad and dangerous deal with Iran, which, according to some analysts, would enable the Obama Administration to claim a diplomatic achievement.

Netanyahu has repeatedly voiced skepticism over the negotiations, warning that Iran is exploiting the temporary easing of sanctions offered by the US and its negotiating partners. “Iran is not your ally. Iran is not your friend. Iran is your enemy. It’s not your partner,” Netanyahu stated in November.

Alan Dershowitz, internationally renowned Harvard law professor, author and defender of Israel, warned Israel not to rely on the US, Israel’s i24 news reports.

“Nobody can know for sure what the situation will be, which is why Israel always has to assume it will be on its own in trying to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. It cannot count on the assistance of the United States, no matter how much it trusts the president,” Dershowitz declared. He is not convinced that Obama is capable of reaching a deal with Iran that would ensure Israel’s safety, noting that “even the president says it’s only a 50/50 chance.”

“Iran is a ruthless regime, they will stop at nothing,” Dershowitz continued. “Nobody should ever trust the Iranian regime.”

Nonetheless, diplomacy is the best way to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, he believes. “The military option is the second worst thing that could happen,” he stated. “If there is any possibility through diplomacy of eliminating their nuclear threat, every effort ought to be made.”

By: United with Israel Staff

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