Senator John McCain. (Photo: shutterstock)

As an accord between the West and Iran looms, Senator McCain warns against a “bad deal,” while standing by Israel, as always.

Leading U.S. Republican Senator John McCain (AZ) told Euronews in an interview earlier this week that the Obama Administration is on the verge of signing “a very bad deal” with Iran regarding its nuclear aspirations.

Asked about the sanctions the West has imposed on the Iranian regime, McCain justified them even though they may be harmful to Iran’s citizens because “the Iranians have a long record of cheating, of concealing their nuclear capabilities. They continue to develop the warhead and the missiles to deliver nuclear weapons. We’re on the verge of – if the administration has its way – a very bad deal.”

In the meantime, Iran is destabilizing the region and is “pouring [in] weapons and have motivated Hezbollah, ordered Hezbollah into Syria to slaughter Syrians,” adding further murder and mayhem to the existing regional strife.

WATCH Senator McCain’s interview with Euronews. (He talks about Israel from 15:20):

“They are responsible for attacks on United States facilities going all the way back to the USS Cole and they are attempting to exert additional influence in the region in places like Bahrain and others,” McCain pointed out. As Iran poses a threat to the U.S. and the entire West, the U.S.’ objective “should not be to delay their capability, it should be to prevent acquisition of nuclear weapons or development of nuclear weapons.”

However, McCain concedes that with “the outlines I see,” the U.S. is on the verge of striking “a very bad deal” with Iran.

U.S. Will Not Recognize ‘Palestine’

Several European counties recently voted to unilaterally recognize the non-existent state of “Palestine,” but McCain declared that the US would not join Europe in this damaging diplomatic move. McCain said that recognition “will never be United States policy.”

Explaining why the peace process between Israel and the Palestinian Authority has failed, McCain cites regional chaos, Muslim extremism and Israeli security as the primary causes of the current standstill:

“There’s a whole variety of reasons why, and part of it is that to some degree events have overtaken this Palestinian-Israeli issue. When we look at ISIS (Islamic State terror group), when we look at Muslim extremism, when we look at those influences, which also influences the Palestinians, I think part of the problem is that Hamas is still there in Gaza and they are committed to the destruction of Israel and from time to time we see outbreaks of violence – and thank God for Iron Dome, otherwise we would have seen carnage in Israel.”

McCain added, “I think that obviously both sides deserve responsibility,” but “there’s no reason for us not to keep trying.”

You Can Fight Back Against Iran!

The discussions between Iran and the West regarding Iran’s nuclear aspirations are at a critical point. Israel fears that the Obama Administration will ease the sanctions on Iran to gain diplomatic points. We MUST ensure that Iran does not become nuclear.

To sign a petition demanding NOT to ease sanctions on Iran at Israel’s expense, click HERE.

Author: United with Israel Staff