Despite Louis Farrakhan’s antisemitic history, a massive municipally-funded mural was recently displayed in Westchester, New York featuring a depiction of him.

By United with Israel Staff

Taxpayer funds appear to have paid for a mural glorifying one of America’s most vocal antisemites: Islamic hate-preacher Louis Farrakhan.

The former calypso singer and current leader of the Nation of Islam has a decades-long history of promoting vile anti-Jewish conspiracies, under the guise of empowering minority communities.

Farrakhan’s remarks include accusing “Satanic Jews” of “infect[ing] the whole world with poison and deceit” and demonstrably false claims blaming “Israelis and Zionist Jews” for the 9/11 attacks.

Despite his history, a massive municipally-funded mural was recently displayed in Westchester, New York featuring a depiction of Farrakhan.

The mural was intended to “celebrate Black history,” reported the Algemeiner, and Farrakhan’s inclusion was reportedly concealed during the approval process.

Westchester County is home to nearly 150,000 Jews, and is the eighth largest Jewish county in the U.S., with 60 synagogues and more than 80 Jewish community organizations.

Members of the community were outraged to see a huge painting of a man who praised genocidal monster Adolf Hitler as a “very great man.”

It is also unclear why such a figure would be depicted alongside great leaders, artists, and athletes, such as Bob Marley and Mohammed Ali.

In addition to his hateful rhetoric, Farrakhan’s group also promotes the bizarre quasi-religion Scientology, which “the German government views as an abusive sect masquerading as a religion, and France has classified as a dangerous cult,” according to a report on the University of Alberta’s website.

“Community activist Clifton Abrams, who spearheaded the project, told ABC 7 NY that Farrakhan is an ‘icon’ whose comments have been taken out of context. The news outlet added that the Greenburgh Town Board spent over $100,000 of taxpayer funds for the mural, which is on state property,” reported the Algemeiner.

“The board said in a statement on Aug. 25 that the image of Farrakhan in the mural was not in the approved sketches submitted by the designer, Kindo Art, and that the ‘unauthorized imagery’ will be removed,” added he report.

“While the artist’s interpretation of artistic expression was welcomed, the addition of Louis Farrakhan and several other people was never approved by the Town,” said the board’s statement.