Maher Abdul Qader and Rashida Tlaib

A Palestinian activist who spreads antisemitic conspiracy theories campaigned with New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Minnesota’s Attorney General Keith Ellison.

By United with Israel Staff

Palestinian activist Maher Abdel Qader pushes antisemitic conspiracy theories, claiming Jews are “satanic” and “practice subversion and treason,” according sources recently exposed by TPS, Fox reported.

Abdel Qader also reportedly posted an image in 2017 with the names of Jewish lawmakers, invoking the antisemitic dual loyalty canard accusing Jews of allegiance to Israel, not the U.S.

While one might think American politicians would want to distance themselves from someone who spread such messages, several lawmakers have actually permitted Abdel Qader to participate in campaign-related activities.

These individuals include Rashida Tlaib, who has repeatedly stoked Jew-hatred and spread falsehoods about Israel, and Cori Bush.

Abdel Qader also served on the host committee for New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ fundraisers in 2021, Fox reported.

“Arab and Muslim community leaders met at Marriott hotel – LaGuardia and held a Fundraising for Eric Adams the democratic nominee for New York City mayor,” Abdel Qader wrote on Instagram at the time. “Event was organized by the Muslim Agenda 2021 Coalition.”

Abdel Qader was also linked to Minnesota’s Attorney General Keith Ellison, who was criticized in the past for his alleged associations with Nation of Islam hate-preacher Louis Farrakhan.

When Ellison first ran for Congress in 2006, he insisted that he had severed all ties with Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, to which he belonged in the 1990s. Similarly, when Ellison ran for the chairmanship of the Democratic Party in 2016, he reiterated that he had long ago distanced himself from Farrakhan.

However, a series of reports in The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and The Daily Caller in 2018 alleged that Ellison had participated in at least three meetings with Farrakhan since entering Congress.

Abdel Qader also recently served on the host committee of a fundraiser for Jonathan Jackson, Rev. Jesse Jackson’s son, who is running for a seat in Congress, Fox reported.

According to the Fox report, Abdel Qader’s record of promoting Jew-hatred also includes posting a video questioning whether 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust and a photo showing former President Donald Trump wearing a yarmulke with a menorah and an Israeli flag in his hands, alongside the message: “Hey Donald we thought you said America First!”