Islam global domination

Palestinian cleric Sheikh Abu Taqi Al-Din Al-Dari has called for global Islamic dominion by waging a holy war against the Christian West. 

Palestinian support for pan-Islamic ideas is growing, and the public expressions of such notions by Palestinian clergy have become commonplace.

The latest such recorded expression was in a lesson delivered at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem by Palestinian cleric Sheikh Abu Taqi Al-Din Al-Dari, who called for worldwide Islamic rule and the conquering of Christian Europe.

“The basic principle is that the Islamic state should work to conquer the world through Jihad for the sake of Allah” and that “it must conquer Rome, Washington, and Paris,” the Sheikh said, according to a translation of the address by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Jihad [Muslim holy war] for the sake of Allah is the means sanctioned by the Sharia [Muslim relgiouis war] to carry the message of Islam to the entire world,” said Al-Dari.

Quoting the prophet Muhammad who said that “power means shooting,” he said that this rule applies to our days as well.


As the relationship between Islam and Christianity is “one of war, the Islamic state must prepare and then act to annex those countries (to the rule of Islam), and to impose its control and authority over those countries. If the (infidel, Christian) authorities and regimes refuse to allow the Islamic state to impose the rule and order of Islam over their countries, they must pay the Jizya poll tax. If they refuse that too, they should be fought for the sake of Allah,” he declared.

“Thus, the basic principle is that the Islamic state should work to conquer the world through jihad for the sake of Allah,” he repeated.

“The purpose of Jihad for the sake of Allah is to make His word reign supreme, and to conquer the world,” Al-Dari explained. “Thus, the Prophet’s companions roamed the planet Earth in order to conquer it. The Islamic State, which will be established soon, Allah willing, should do the same. It must conquer Rome, Washington and Paris, Allah willing, by means of Jihad for the sake of Allah, in order to remove oppression, and to purify the land from the filth of polytheism.”

In September last year, another Palestinian cleric suggested that Europe could be conquered by the millions of  Muslim migrants who have flooded the Continent in recent years.

It is of significance to note that Israel was not singled out as the enemy by these preachers. Rather, the war they describe is of a global magnitude, with Islam pitted against Christianity and an onslaught by Muslim extremists against Western culture and values.

Palestinian preachers habitually use the Al-Aqsa pulpit to promote anti-Semitism and hatred of America and to incite terrorism.

By: United with Israel Staff


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