Israel’s ambassador stood alone, again, to tell the world the truth – the recent wave of violence is a result of Palestinian incitement and the world’s silence in the face of evil.

A cartoon published in the official PA daily on 18 October 2014. (Photo: MFA)

A cartoon published in the official PA daily on 18 October 2014. (Photo: MFA)

The violence in recent weeks is a result of the incitement happening at the UN on a daily basis, Israel’s foreign ministry stated earlier this week.

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor held a press conference on Monday, during which he told the international community that ignoring incitement to terror is tantamount to supporting terrorism. He had scathing words for the UN, the international community and the Palestinian Authority (PA).

“I will be perfectly clear: Israel will continue fighting terrorism. We will fight incitement and defend our people,” Prosor vowed.

Prosor spoke just hours after two lethal terror attacks on Monday: “Every single day, Israelis are coming under attack. Every day the crowds of violent Palestinian rioters grow larger. And yet, this institution has not uttered a word to denounce attacks against Israelis.” The UN, however, has not voiced one word of criticism to these lethal incidents.

“Yes, continue to co-sponsor one-sided resolutions. Yes, continue to encourage unilateral actions. And yes, by all means, prematurely recognize a Palestinian state. This is clearly been a resounding success that has brought us that much closer to peace,” he said sarcastically.

Unsurprising Silence in the Face of Incitement

He condemned the Europeans for their silence in the face of Arab violence and incitement, adding that it did not surprise him.

As for the Palestinian leadership, “they can head the academy for arsonists, because they add fuel to the fire on a daily basis. A person doesn’t just wake up one day and decide to stab someone or ram his car into a crowd of people. These attacks are the results of years of anti-Israeli indoctrination and glorification of so-called martyrs,” Prosor said, noting that the incitement is everywhere – in schools, mosques and the media, sponsored and promoted by the PA.

The Palestinians did not condemn the attacks. They were apparently at a fashion show at the UN on Monday evening, and “were not available,” Prosor quipped. “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the Palestinian delegation is off to a fashion show, because after all, they are experts in dressing up and disguising the truth every day.”

The truth, he stated, is that “Israel is on the forefront of fighting terrorism and radical extremism. We have no other choice but to stand up and defend our people in the only democracy in the region.”

“I call on every responsible member of this institution to stand united with us in this fight,” Prosor concluded.

Exploiting the Holy Sites to Advance Diplomatic Goals

Israel’s foreign ministry stressed this week in a statement that Israel is committed to guaranteeing freedom of religion and access to all holy sites in Jerusalem. “But whereas the Israeli authorities take measures designed to maintain public order and uphold the delicate status quo on the Temple Mount, there are many on the Palestinian side who exploit the holy sites in order to inflame passions and undermine the long-standing modus vivendi in the city.”

“In contrast to most rulers of Jerusalem throughout history, Israel has an official policy, laid down in the Declaration of Independence, of respecting freedom of faith and worship for all religions represented in the city,” the statement continued. “Particularly, Israel constantly works to facilitate worship of Muslims and Christians in their respective holy sites and only restricts access when considerations of security and public safety are preponderate.”

It is not only Hamas that promotes this inflammatory rhetoric. “Officials of the Palestinian Authority, which pretends to be interested in reaching a peaceful settlement with Israel, has no qualms about exploiting the holy sites to advance their diplomatic goals,” the foreign ministry said.

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Author: United with Israel Staff