The Palestinian Authority announced that it will submit a UN resolution this week that requires Israel to end its “occupation of Palestine” within two years.

The Palestinian Authority announced that the draft resolution to the United Nations Security Council that would set a two-year deadline for Israel to “end its occupation” will be submitted on Wednesday.

“The Palestinian leadership took a decision to go to the Security Council next Wednesday to vote on their project to end the occupation,” senior PLO member Wassel Abu Yussef told AFP after a meeting in Ramallah.

In the past the United States has consistently used its UN veto power to block moves it sees as anti-Israel, but U.S. officials said they drew a distinction between a unilateral step, and an effort to draw up a multilateral resolution at the UN Security Council, which would have the backing of many nations.

The PA has been threatening for months to go through with its unilateral draft solution at the UN Security Council, a move that is contradictory to the Oslo Accords to which it is signed.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu reacted to the news by saying that this dangerous resolution would bring “Islamic extremists to the suburbs of Tel Aviv and to the heart of Jerusalem”.

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Source: Israel National News

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