Tahel Dahan

“It was scary and I wanted to sleep, but it didn’t stop. It always scares me,” a 5-year-old Israeli girl said after the latest barrage of Palestinian rockets on Friday.

By United with Israel Staff

A photo accidentally snapped of a terrified child during a recent Palestinian rocket attack has gone viral.

In the photo, Tahel Dahan,5, is seen crouching in the fetal position in her family’s safe room in the southern town of Sderot, while her mother Sara tries to comfort her,

“My daughter! My own personal joy! The little girl who I promised to protect froze in place and simply would not move even though she was in the shielded room,” the 22-year-old single mother said, “Her whole body shook, she locked up on the floor and didn’t move, with her hands on her head. My girl, I’m so sorry you need to go through this”

Tahel told Ynet how scared she gets when the rocket siren alarms go off.

“It was scary and I wanted to sleep but it didn’t stop. It always scares me. Mom gives me a hug and says she’s always here, she won’t leave me,” she said.

Sara told the Israeli news site how hard it is to see her child so scared.

“It breaks you. It’s not an easy thing to see your daughter fall apart like that and cry. There’s not a lot I can do. Just hold her, reassure her, explain that mommy is here, that mommy is keeping her safe,” she said. “Ever since one of the sirens caught us in the street it’s been happening to her. She simply lies down on the floor, puts her hands over her head, shakes and mumbles words even I don’t understand.”

On Friday night, Israel’s Iron Dome defense system intercepted eight of the ten rockets fired from Gaza into southern Israel. While no casualties were reported from the impact of the other two missiles, shrpanel slammed into a home in Sderot, damaging it and other property.

Israel responded to the attack by launching an airstrike against strategic Hamas positions.

The targets included weapons manufacturing and storage facilities, a naval base and a compound serving Hamas’ aerial defense array, the IDF said in a statement.

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