Jordan is supposedly a partner in peace, but its acts in Parliament suggest otherwise. They praised the Jerusalem massacre terrorists and prayed for their souls.   

Jordanian MP Khalil Attieh. (Photo: Elder of Zion)

Left: Jordanian MP Khalil Attieh. (Photo: Elder of Zion)

Jordan’s Parliament held a prayer session for the Arab terrorists who committed the Jerusalem synagogue massacre on Tuesday, popular blogger Elder of Zion reports, citing various sources in the Arab media.

On Wednesday, the Jordanian Parliament reportedly offered prayers in honor of Ghassan Abu Jamal and Uday Abu Jamal, the terrorists who slaughtered five Israelis a day earlier. The prayer was held as the House of Representatives’ session began.

Member of Parliament Khalil Attieh requested that his fellow representatives recite the Fatiha for the “spirit of the heroes.” The Fatiha is the first chapter of the Koran, recited on important occasions.

Attieh further declared that the murders were a “natural reaction to the occupation crimes against the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Palestinians.”

MP Mohammed Al-Qatath of the House of Representatives issued a statement to the assembly condemning the “Zionist attack on Jerusalem and its people” in the wake of “the heroic operation” on the synagogue in Jerusalem.

Moreover, a Jordanian clan opened up a mourning tent in Jordan’s capital in honor of the terrorists.

Earlier in the day the Jordanian minister of media affairs ostensibly condemned the attack, but merely issued a vague statement that the government of Jordan “condemns the targeting of civilians and denounces all acts of violence and terrorism against civilians, no matter who or why it is done.”

The condemnation was not nearly as specific as the honor for the terrorists given in Parliament, Elder of Zion points out.

Diplomatic Threats and Insults

Jordan threatened Israel earlier this month with the severing of diplomatic ties as a result of the unrest on the Temple Mount.

Hael Abd-el Hafiz Daud, the Jordanian Minister for Sacred Properties and Islamic Holy Sites, attacked Israel, claiming that the closing of the Temple Mount for Muslim worshipers was “a dangerous escalation by the Israeli authorities and state terrorism that is unacceptable, and we cannot keep quiet about it.” He added that “Al-Aqsa is a place of worship for Muslims only and will not be shut down to them under any excuses, security or otherwise.”

The Temple Mount was completely shut down for only a short while because of Muslim rioting and violence.

Daud called on Muslim nations and international organizations to help Jordan in lifting the “terrorist siege” on al-Aqsa mosque. He further alleged that Israel was taking advantage of the Glick assassination attempt in order to gain control of the Temple Mount.

Jordan recalled its ambassador to Israel in protest of the violence on the Temple Mount. There have also been calls to cancel the treaty with Israel in response to the tension in Jerusalem. The ambassador was reportedly scheduled to return on Tuesday, but did not do so because of the massacre in Jerusalem.

Tell us in the comments below: Jordan is allegedly a partner in peace with Israel but has repeatedly offended Israel diplomatically and otherwise. How do YOU think Israel should respond to these offenses?

Author: Staff Writer, United with Israel
(With files from Elder of Zion)