Matt Greenman

Federal prosecutors charged Saadah Masoud with a hate crime for viciously assaulting a Jewish man at an April protest in New York City.

By United with Israel Staff

Matt Greenman was assaulted at a violent pro-Palestinian demonstration on April 20, 2022 as he walked down a busy street in Midtown Manhattan.

The 28-year-old Jewish man dared to drape an Israeli flag around himself in broad daylight in New York City, receiving a vicious beating for the perceived offense.

Over two months later, it has come to light that federal prosecutors charged pro-Palestinian activist Saadah Masoud with a hate crime for assaulting Greenman, who was on crutches at the time of the assault.

Masoud is accused of attacking Greenman because of his “actual and perceived religion,” reported the New York Post, citing a recently unsealed Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s Office criminal complaint.

“In the complaint, dated June 10 and first filed under seal, special US agent Lavalle Jackson alleged that Masoud had participated in two other violent attacks against Jews last year,” reported the Post.

After the attack, Greenman was treated at a nearby hospital for a concussion, among other injuries. The assault was launched amid a massive wave of antisemitic attacks in New York City, some of which have been accompanied by screams of “free Palestine” and anti-Israel invective.

Masoud also allegedly struck a Jewish community leader twice in the head and body in June 2021, saying during the attack, “We know where you live, we will get you,” according to court documents.

In addition, Masoud is accused of striking a man in the face for carrying an Israeli flag in July 2021, an assault that also took place in Brooklyn. The flag was stolen in that incident.

The complaint lists Masoud’s allegedly threatening behavior online, including Instagram posts in which he stated “I wish I could show you the things I do to Zionist but I can’t post them.” He also talked about “judgment day” when “we slaughter all of them like sheep.”

Immediately following the assault on Greenman in April, popular website identified the attacker as Massoud, noting that he “works as a bell attendant at Hotel 50 Bowery” and is “also an actor and model who lists ‘martial arts’ as one of his skills.”