Antisemitic Brazilian preacher

O“God, what you have done in World War II, you must do again, this is what we ask for in our prayers to you,” intoned Brazilian pastor Tupirani da Hora Lores.

By United with Israel Staff

Two years ago, video emerged of a Brazilian pastor named Tupirani da Hora Lores offering up some very disturbing prayers.

“Massacre the Jews, God, hit them with your sword, for they have left God, they have left the nations,” da Hora Lores said in a sermon that was repeated word-for-word by the attendees of his church, JTA reported.

“They contrived, went with prostitutes, and when they were told to repent they said they’d do it but they lied,” said da Hora Lores. “God, what you have done in World War II, you must do again, this is what we ask for in our prayers to you: Justice, justice, justice!”

This week, da Hora Lores received 18.5 years in prison, a sentence topped the news in Brazil.

“A historic sentence in the fight against antisemitism. It is the largest penalty applied in Brazil for this type of crime, which will help to inhibit this odious practice,” commented the Brazilian Israelite Confederation’s legal director Ricardo Sidi, reported JTA .

Prior to the sentence handed down this week, Brazilian police stormed da Hora Lores’ church, removing various material.

Currently, Brazil is home to ninth largest Jewish community in the world, with over 100,000 Jews residing in the South American country.

Brazilian Jews are active in politics, sports, and business. Under the Brazilian penal code, writing, editing, publishing, or selling literature that promotes antisemitism or racism is illegal. Violations of the law are punishable by imprisonment.

Manufacturing, trading, or distributing of swastikas for the purpose of promoting Nazism is also illegal and publishable by imprisonment.

In the past, the Anti-Defamation League ranked Brazil as one of the least antisemitic nations in the world.