The US, Russia and other entities involved in striking the deal with Iran must realize that to bring about peace in the Middle East, the power of a regime that continues to stoke conflict in the region must be restricted, before it is too late.

The UN International Atomic Energy Agency claims Iran is now honoring all of its obligations under the nuclear deal signed last year. But is this true? And is the IAEA assessment really reliable?

The next time someone tells you that Iran will use the money from the nuclear deal to support its economy and improve the country, make sure you show them this video.

J Street congratulated the Obama administration for reaching “an historic agreement” with Iran. The left-wing group is lobbying Congress to support the framework deal.

US intelligence claims that Israel spied on the US to get details on the Iran nuclear negotiations. The information obtained by the Americans however, could have only been discovered - by spying on Israel.

Iran showcased the new Soumar missile, capable of an attack on Europe. Analysts are speculating this public display is a signal to the US and Israel, demonstrating growing Iranian power.

Lest some mistakenly believe otherwise, the sanctions against Iran are indeed taking their toll on the Iranian economy. This could create more pressure on Iran's leaders to give in to Israel's demand to dismantle its nuclear program.

Prime Minister Netanyahu declared that his ''sole intention was to voice Israel’s grave concerns about a potential nuclear agreement with Iran that could threaten the survival of my country.''