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Palestinian anti-Semitism

The depth of the hatred of Jews and Israel taught to Palestinian children in the PA-ruled territories appears to eradicate any hope for a peaceful future in the region.

Palestinian children indoctrination

Palestinian children “playing.” (AP/Adel Hana)

A comprehensive report recently compiled by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reveals a well-known secret – that the official Palestinian Authority (PA) education system is teaching the next generation to hate Israel and Israelis, using the most virulent anti-Semitic concepts and materials to convey its messages and thus dashing any hopes for a peaceful future.

The report documents in detail how hate, ant-Semitism and honoring murderers are fundamental elements of PA education.

The special report, titled Palestinian Authority Education: A Recipe for Hate and Terror, “illuminates one of the greatest obstacles to peace today and reveals why there will be peace in the next generation unless this PA education process is immediately reversed,” PMW states.

The PMW report includes chapters on schools, dozens of which are named after terrorists; educational activities such as visiting homes of terrorists; programs presenting murderers as role models and envisioning a world without Israel; schoolbooks promoting anti-Semitism; informal education and anti-Semitic TV shows teaching that Jews are monkeys and pigs and that Tel Aviv is “occupied Palestine,” and a section honoring Hitler.

The report, which explores PA education to determine to what extent peace is promoted by the regime, concludes that “tragically, the Palestinian Authority under the leadership of Mahmoud Abbas…is teaching its children to hate. The PA and the politically dominant Fatah movement that is also headed by Abbas teach Palestinian children through their official communication structures that Jews and Israelis possess inherently evil character traits. Fighting them is therefore said to be heroic and even Allah’s will. Terrorists who have murdered dozens of Israeli civilians are said to be national heroes and Islamic Martyrs.”

Clinton: This is ‘Child Abuse’

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton. (AP/David Goldman)

Not only is all this hatred is being embedded in the minds of Palestinian children, but peace-building contacts between Israeli and Palestinian youth are also prohibited by the PA, PMW explains. Any person-to-person contact between Palestinian and Israeli youth is condemned as “normalization.” The head of the PA’s Council for Sport and Youth Affairs in fact denounced a successful peace-building event as “a crime against humanity.”

When former US Senator Hillary Clinton joined PMW at a press conference in 2007 to release its report on PA schoolbooks, the then senator said that the Palestinian education system “profoundly poisons the minds of these children,” adding that some of the videos glorifying so-called martyrs were tantamount to “child abuse.”

The current report demonstrates that there has been no improvement. The PA continues to poison the minds of its children.

“Palestinian children are exposed to all of these [hate] messages, not from Hamas or fringe groups, but from official PA sources,” PMW stressed.

For the full report, click HERE.

By: United with Israel Staff

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