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Security forces on high alert thwart several terror attacks in the past few days. A wave of recent terror attacks have claimed the lives of six Israelis and wounded several others.  

Israeli security forces have been on high alert in past days in the wake of the recent wave of terror attacks that have claimed the lives of six Israelis since the end of October.

Their vigilance paid off Wednesday night when they managed to prevent two potentially deadly attacks.

In one incident, Israeli border policemen arrested an Arab terrorist in his 20s on his way to stab an Israeli with a commando knife near the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron.

“We noticed his suspicious approach and called on him to halt,” a policeman recounted. “First we asked him to raise his shirt [to see if he had a bomb strapped to his body]. We then saw the hidden commando knife.”

The police immediately took up positions and the terrorist dropped his weapon. They then overpowered and arrested him.

The terrorist, a Muslim Arab, initially was unresponsive; he had apparently been drinking alcohol before leaving to commit the attack. It is interesting to note that drinking alcohol is prohibited by Islamic law.

He was taken into custody for further questioning.

“The security forces were alert and ended this incident quickly and professionally. There is no room for hesitating or mistakes. We will carry on with our mission – protecting the lives of the citizens and worshipers at Me’arat HaMachpela (Cave of the Patriarchs),” stated Amal Ganam, one of the commanding officers at the site.

On the Way to Harm a Bus Load of People

In a separate incident, police were alerted by a civilian who saw a suspicious man standing at a bus station in Samaria. Forces arrived on the scene and detained the suspect. After searching his bag they found a butcher knife and a screw driver. The 17-year-old Arab admitted that he had intended to get to Jerusalem and stab a bus driver.

The civilian who alerted the security forces told Arutz 7 that he had stopped to offer the potential terrorist a ride. When asked where he wanted to go, the Arab gave an incoherent answer in a heavy Arabic accent. That aroused the driver’s suspicion, and his vigilance seems to have prevented a catastrophe.

ISIS and Hamas Are Out for Blood

On Tuesday night Jerusalem’s police arrested yet another 17-year-old Arab in the Old City of Jerusalem on his way to carrying out a terror attack. The teen appeared suspicious and the police searched him, finding a large knife hidden in a seam of his pants. While taken away, he shouted “ISIS (the Islamic State terror group) and Hamas will take care of you.”

Security forces continue to remain on high alert as Palestinian leaders continue to incite to violence and the security situation in Israel remains volatile.

The IDF’s brave soldiers are the ones who directly defend Israel’s citizens against any terror threat, in the north or south, by land, sea or air. To read more about these magnificent defenders of the State of Israel, download our free eBookIsrael Defense Forces 24/7.

Author: United with Israel Staff